Langly 02

Prototype mouse for Grabcad/Stratasys competition , This competition was open to designers exploring the capabilities of full color, multi-material 3D printing. To win, you had to provide a compelling design inspiration in my case it was Inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion Pilot cockpit from the Production Model Eva 2 in Evangelion: 3.0 You can (Not) Redo , I wanted to have access to hot keys at the tip of my fingers just like the movie, this however gave me a few ideas like giving the scroll wheel to the thumb to ease the burden on the pointer finger , The main advantage I wanted to explore was if this could be 3d printed why not make it modular , so the outer shell, Keys, palm pad, and base (for different angles) are all interchangeable and can be modified making it possible for the palm pad for example be printed in flexible options from Stratasys Poly-jet, ABS2 Plus for the main body and so on. Kalih Keys where used here because they are low profile but with a few adjustments Cherry MX can be integrated in this design as well as adding more keys if needed. Made to be 3d printed but was designed with inyection molding in mind , Work in progress.
fusion360 solidworks-2020