Interactive system of optic geometric for school sience museum.

The design has larger dimensions than the previous one and two optical elements (Prism and circular lens) are added, which together with the optical elements of the previous prototype are elevated to nine demonstrations of geometric optics (dispersion in a prism and refraction in a circular lens). Like prototype 1 this design will also be operated by one person, with the difference that one or two people can observe the demonstration at the same time, since it has an area of observation greater than the previous design. Among the novelties in this prototype is: the light source is not fixed, i.e. it can make a circular movement of 120 degrees (60 upwards and 60 downwards) in relation to the goniometer and that the collimating system is confined in a yellow aluminium box, in addition the light source and the demonstration wheel are self-adjusting, that is to say, the source of light is adjusted every 10 degrees and the wheel of demonstrations every 40 degrees, this is obtained doing use of a system oppressor of ball, that is not but, a screw perforated where a compressed spring and a ball was lodged. As for the operation the user selects the desired demonstration through the knob of axis of lenses with circle "blue" turning it until the optical element is in the center of the goniometer, then turns on the light source through the switch to observe the rays that emerge from it, to position the emerging rays of the goniometer. If the light source is at the desired angle, use the "yellow" circle knob of the light source (by raising or lowering it).
Published 1 year ago
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