Interactive system of optic geometric for school sience museum.

This design of the interactive system of geometrical optics, was made with the intention of giving a look at the basic concepts of geometrical optics taking into account the technical aspects and the caracterısticas of the product. The system is of small dimensions and can be operated by a single person, also has an observation area of (11x15)cm. This design has the capacity to exhibit seven qualitative demonstrations of optics, to be them: Law of reflection (diffuse and specular), reflection in concave mirror, reflection in convex mirror, law of refraction or Snell's Law, Refraction in biconcave lens, refraction in biconvex lens, total internal reflection. Another of the caracterısticas that has this design, is that the light source is fixed and collimated, by means of a diaphragm of three slits and that the system in total is confined in a wooden drawer for the safety of the users. As for the operation of the system, it can be said that it is quite simple, the optical elements (lenses and mirrors) are mounted on the goniometer, which in turn, is subject to a system of belt and pulleys that are driven by means of conical gears placed in the Axis 2 and Axis 3, and the latter axis is operated by means of the knob, which has the ability to turn in any direction. To select the desired demonstration, use the knob, turning it in any direction until the goniometer with the optical element is centered with the observation area and then turn on the light source through the red switch, so as to observe the rays emerging from the light source. In relation to the materials used in this design, are: wood (MDF), aluminum, acrılico for the construction of the lenses and elements of axes (bearings).
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