Interactive system of learning of optic geometric for Sience Museum.

This design is presented as the evolution of the previous design, broadly speaking this design does not vary greatly with respect to prototype 3, only some parts or pieces were modified to provide the proper functioning of the modifications, among the modifications made are the implementation of new tecnologıas, with the aim of enhancing the ability to disseminate and improve the observation of demonstrations in the interactive system of geometric optics. One of the new implementations made in the prototype, is the modification in the light source, especıficamente in the light collimator system used in subsequent prototypes, replacing it with a laser system of lınea, this was done in order to prevent the prototype should remain in a dark environment so that the rays that emerge from the light source, can be changed. observe when they hit the optical elements tray, ası as well as avoid heating in the aluminum box and the light source knob. Another of the innovations implemented in the prototype, has to do with the application of an electronic system in the prototype, in order to discard the requirement of an instructor to guide the user during demonstrations and in countermeasure, raise the level of interactivity of the prototype. For the implementation of this electronic system was necessary the modification of the wooden drawer and therefore, the creation of the console where the system will be housed and provide space for the accommodation of the button START, the LED indicator of reproduction of audio and horns. This electronic system is governed by a microcontroller, which will be responsible for the system of reproduction of the audio tracks and the on and off of the light source, it should be noted that the audio tracks are designed under the instructional model ADDIE, ie the audio tracks will give instructions that the user must continue to have a set time to complete these instructions during the selected demonstration. In relation to the operation of the equipment, the prototype has two means of information for its manipulation, one is a medium written on the console where information will be provided first hand and the second is the selection of the area of instructions in the tray of optical elements, in her instructions will be given on the manipulation of the source of light and the selection of the optical elements for their demonstration, ası as well as, the instructions for the use of the button START in its play-stop and pause audio modes.
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