Hi, I'm excited to show you my work. MT is a CAD-CAM ( expert in injection mold manufacturing ) and a Product Design team of well-experienced experts. We use the latest software, and integrate the latest technologies for all the product design and detailing preparation of the manufacturing, and assembly prototype. we have 7 years of experience in making 3d models and die Designs for manufacturing purposes. THE CHARGES WILL BE 7-15$/ WORKING HOURS ACCORDING TO PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS. Cavity Core. cooling system. ejector system. and also: 3D Designing 3D Modeling 2D PDF Drawings 3D PDF mode Why choose me? Tool Design CAD/CAM engineering, I am a SolidWorks professional user with over 3 years of experience. I specialize in sheet metal parts, large assemblies, plastics for injection molding, Die Casting Pressure Dies, and 3D printing, which means you always know you'll be making the best investment for the growth of your business. please message me before placing an order. the rate as shown on gigs as per hourly. thank u -MT.
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