Reinforced concrete/concrete block HOUSE, complete construction set plans

This is a complete set of drawings designed for a local client. These are up to code and the structure is a concrete slab, walls and roof house. Not for duplicate, this was actually built as all of my designs and drafts have. I am bilingual, so most of the commercial drawings are in English, usually those from architect's firms or engineering offices.
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Published 3 years ago
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  • CarlosMer (author)
    But this was in 2011.
  • CarlosMer (author)
    Hi. Thank you, I appreciate your comment. This was about $1,540 approx. For the drawings. Design fees about $200. Additonal fees included the engineering and permit services provided by the client's engineer.
  • Wow. Very impressive. How much did it cost them to have you do that work?