The main feature of the boat is the design of the trimaran. This design has two floats like a catamaran and the main body like a boat. Due to the floats, the boat has greater stability and during a storm it is less likely that the boat will tip over, which is especially important during rescue operations, as this is not uncommon in stormy weather. Also, due to the floats, the boat has a smaller wetted surface, which positively affects the hydrodynamic properties and speed.   The design of the trimaran is often used in warships and has several advantages and disadvantages.      Benefits: - slight draft - high hydrodynamic indicators: low resistance due to the small wetted surface, resulting in high speed - high stability      Disadvantages: - maneuverability worse than in single-hull vessels      Due to the high stability of the three-hull vessel, this design was chosen. But in order not to lose maneuverability during the performance of rescue operations, this boat with the help of hydraulics can transform and “hide” the floats.
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