The Geneva mechanism, or the Geneva wheel, also known as the Geneva Stop and Maltese Cross, is a very interesting mechanism and this is one of the most widely used devices for generating intermittent rotating motion. This gear mechanism translates a continuous rotation movement into intermittent rotary motion. The rotating drive wheel is usually equipped with a pin that reaches into a slot located in the other wheel that advances it one step at a time. The first Geneva wheel was about 18 inches in diameter. Geneva is not a versatile mechanism. It can be designed for at least three houses and usually no more than 18 houses or pockets in each round of the output shaft. Geneva Drive is derived from the early application of the device in mechanical watches, which became popular in the city of Geneva as the classic foundation of the watch industry. The mechanism is widely used in mechanical watches because it can be shortened and is able to withstand considerable mechanical stress. The Geneva mechanism has been used for timing applications such as clocks, and film projectors, so its use of the best timing features is an ideal thing. It is a mechanical device that moves a motion picture film one or more frames at a time with stationary intervening steps. The Geneva mechanism is a commonly used method for generating intermittent rotations at a uniform input speed. The moving member, or star wheel, has evenly spaced slots through which the roller of the driving crank slips. The number of slots determines the ratio between the stationary position of the moving shaft and the duration of the movement. The Geneva stop was used in the first movie projectors used in theaters and this mechanism has also been used extensively to operate conveyor belts for intermittent motion which there is ample evidence and references. The Geneva Gear is a cam-like mechanism that provides intermittent rotary motion. Although originally developed as a stop to prevent clocks from overheating, it is now widely used in automated machinery, motion picture projectors and many other bottle packaging and other industrial machinery.

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