I have more than three years of professional experience working with various platforms of SolidWorks software and the 2D platform of AutoCAD. I am a skilled, efficient, and versatile CAD designer who can help you with your project regardless of its size or complexity. From manufacturing drawings to product development, to modifying/converting, - I can create parts, assembly using several features of SolidWorks - surface modeling, sheet metal, plastic - 3d modeling from 2d design - I make my engineering 2D/3D designs using AutoCAD, SolidWorks - I will work for your 3d model with meager cost with high perfection I worked professionally on AutoCAD, SolidWorks, PTC Creo as a CAD Design Engineer. 1- AutoCAD: ========== ABOUT 2D: 2D Design 2D Drafting 2D Enhance Detail Conversion CAD to PDF and PDF to CAD file 2- SolidWorks: ============ 3D Modeling 2D Design Sheet metal design SolidWorks composer tool Standard Engineering Drawing for Mechanical parts 3D Modeling for 3D printing with some Rendering SolidWorks 3d model to AutoCAD drafting conversion 3-Creo7.0 ============ 3D Modeling 2D Design 3D animation 3d rendering Standard Engineering Drawing for Mechanical parts 3D Modeling for drafting Creo drafting to AutoCAD drafting
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