Food Truck Lot - Contest

This is my design from a contest on CAD Crowd. They have a vacant lot and want to open a food truck park. They need food trucks (6 to 8 trucks), utilizing the best method for getting trucks in and out of the property each day. Each truck needs to have a pad for parking with electric service. The design will need a covered outdoor seating area for the food truck park patrons. Picnic tables and sunblock structure with ceiling fans. Also, a structure on the premises for a management office for the park, a small cabana style opening for a bar, and two restrooms attached for guests. The perimeter of the food truck park to be enclosed with only one way in and out for guests and the food trucks. The design should also include parking. Drawn to scale!!. The property does not have public sewer so a septic system will have to be installed. Reserve 100 ft at the rear of the property for the drain field. Best use of space. Best aesthetic design for social gatherings and vendor profitability. Best mobility for the food trucks Software: AutoCAD
Published 9 months ago
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