Floorsense - Desk reservation and occupancy sensing for ABW

Floorsense is a fully integrated desk reservation and occupancy sensing system designed specifically for Agile Based Workplaces. Using PIR technology Floorsense determines which desks and/or spaces in a workplace are over or under-utilised. Each desk can be found and reserved via the smartphone application or simply by swiping a building access card on the desk. After reservation the user has access to the integrated qi certified induction charger. The user can also search for the current location of other checked-in colleagues. floorsen.se for more info. Releasing April 2019, I have worked on floorsense since ideation in 2016.Over that time I have tried and tested various shapes, styles, materials and manufacturing methods for this products hardware. I created concept renders for early funding, prototyped and finalised design, sourced all major components and managed mass production and assembly in Shenzhen, China. I have also created, installation guides, CNC routes and data sheets.
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