Electric Air Blower 3D print model

This Electric Air blower which is simple and effective electrical device used in industries to blow away dust from every nook and corner. This device was designed in intent to be 3d printed ( Additive manufacturing) using FDM process. For the most parts I used PLA with different colors, however I used Orange ABS plastic with high temperature melting for the Impeller due that it has contact with the rotor, as we know that the temperature of the rotor rise after rotating therefore the rotor will transfer the temperature by the effect of conduction. Additionally I used small aluminum hub in the center of the impeller to avoid any direct contact between the shaft of the rotor and impeller moreover help the dissipation of the heat. The other type of plastic used in this device is Flexible material, as you can see the real and render pictures the material is used in the front part Funnel, cable protector and in the handle for cushion your grip. In general, recommended speeds for flexible filament is between 1800mm – 2400mm/min for optimal print quality and timing and the recommended extrusion temperature range is between 225-250°C. The rotor and stator are available online, so if you're looking to make this project you could order them but keep in mind that you properly make some modification in the housing coil if the stator is difference from I used.
electric 3d-rendering 3d-printer air-blower