Design a Solar and Pedaling powered Rickshaw

The Indian subcontinent is a place where three wheeler rickshaws are driven by human power for transportation system. As a result, large portion of energy are wasted by human being through pedaling. The strategic transport plan for Dhaka, 2005 indicate that in Dhaka, women and children are using 40% of the loaded rickshaws, or people with goods about 30%, of other users are students. Since pedaling is one kind of kinetic energy, so it can be converted into electric energy by using dynamo which produce 6W electricity. As sun is a source of energy, so in this system 160W solar panel is used to produce energy which is stored in 48V 30Ah batteries. The stored energy of battery is used to supply power to the motor to drive the rickshaw automatically. The implementation of this system would be beneficial and efficient because of the availability of sun.
Published 4 years ago
dc-motor solar-panel wheel