DanJCad Crossbow 5.0

Hi all, I design this crossbow since a long time in order to be easily manufactured (just bravour and a saw ;-), it required a lot of time and modification, Lot of improvements and studiyng is steel needed..., i put render of previous version which lead me to this last one! *Sping used are yamaha 350 rdlc clutch springs x6 *wire is steel wire 1.5mm *could be used with nylon wire projectile used could be 4.5mm pellets or crossbow arrow or 2.3x60mm nail with a 6-loader inside..... *3d design with or without different kind of rail/gun I will upload picture of prototype asap Hope you enjoy, and i hope someone will upload picture of the one he made with my project..:-) Best Regards JJ
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Published 4 years ago
crossbow handmade toy-model