Cube Brick

"Cube Brick" Modeled in SolidWorks 2014 Rendered & Animated with KeyShot 5 Designed by Ridwan S I designed this model for (hidden) I make CubeSat based on total PCB modul, I make separate components for each PBC. I see the PCB are have stack in a pattern, so I think this method is helpfull for assembly the CubeSat. Adventages use this Cube Brick is : 1. Easy to Assembly 2. Lightweight because use Nylon material (or some recommended material that capable with this) 3. Use "FUSED DEPOSITION MODELING" as additive manufacturing technique. 4. Strong and stable, and we can make it directly into 1U, 3U or else because this stack system (like lego). 5. Use snapfit system to attach one components to other. 6. Just have 3 differents components - Base (Qty 1) - Support PCB Cover (Qty 1) - Top Cover ". (Qty 4 or based on total PCB modul that's we use) 7. Easy to close and open when needed. 8. Without any fastener to assembly this construction. 9. Stable and strong enough Email : (hidden) Web : (hidden) Follow us on : (hidden) & (hidden) (hidden) & (hidden) Best Regards, Ridwan S
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Published 5 years ago
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