Crown 3D Print

The client (a costume designer) gave me a couple of 2D sketches along with some dimensions. The project was to turn the sketches into a 3D model that was worn. The client didn't have any idea of what process or method she wanted to use for the print so I did a lot of research. Since this was intended to actually be worn I was looking for something durable with a good degree of resolution. The client already had the moon shape and the lion head from her drawings so there was no need to model those. About midway through the modeling process she decided that she would like it to have a sort of hammered look to it which was pretty easy to do in Zbrush. Once the modeling process was completed the biggest question was whether or not to hollow out the model or keep it solid. I found a website that allows you upload your model and get a quote based on the model you upload, and it was cheap enough that we decided to keep it solid. After taxes and shipping the print was less than $35 which is way cheaper than extrusion prints I have had printed, and much more durable as well. The client was super happy with the results, and sent me photos of the finished product. Modeled in Zbrush. SLS Nylon 3D print.
Published 3 years ago
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