Concept: Adjustable Height Mounting of Indoor Garden Lights

Client wished to develop a quick, one-handed method for adjusting the distance between plants and lights in indoor gardening. The client's idea was to use spring clamps at each post, which would be faster than the knobs that are currently on the market. However, that method required multiple movements per light (therbligs for you industrial engineer types). Since the goal was fast, easy adjustment, I employed the roller bars used in cordless blinds. Essentially the light can be moved up or down by gripping the light frame itself and lifting up or pulling down - the roller bar holds the new position. I located potential vendors of the roller bars themselves and verified that the available weight range includes the expected weight of the lights. I made a concept model using free plant, light, and blinds models available on GrabCAD. Once downloaded, I modified the mesh files for the plants and blinds to reduce polygons and separate bodies. After modeling the shelving unit in Fusion360, I added the other elements and manipulated their scales in multiple dimensions.
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