CAD and CAE projects

Services (1) Product Design - CAD Services 3D Part Modeling, Surfacing, BIW, Sheet metal & Assembly 2D to 3D conversion, Rendering and Simulation Drafting, Machine and GA Drawings Preparation Product Concept forward Engineering (2) Product Analysis - CAE Services (A) Finite elemental Stress/strain Analysis, Linear/ nonlinear structural Analysis. Vibration Analysis (B) Fatigue failure & Crashworthiness Analysis Fatigue and life cycle analysis Crash and Impact Analysis (C) CFD Analysis Turbulence modeling, Complex flow modeling Heat transfer and flow pattern analysis Drag, lift and pressure difference analysis. Decibel, Noise comsom analysis (3) Research Works and Mentorship Research Projects, Mathematical approach, Design, Development and Testing Tie-up with research organizations and Institutes/Universities Working Model Development (4) Support Services (A) Manufacturing Support and Product Development Prototype Development ISO Certified Vendors Precision machined products Fabrication and Assembly (B) Industrial Design Concept Modeling services Concept Model Sketching 2D concept to 3D parametric conversion (C) Industrial Design Concept Sketching, Surface Modeling, Aesthetic and Creative designs Autodesk Alias and Rhino tools (D) Product and Material Testing Material Mechanical and Chemical Testing Libratory Component Testing Laboratory (E) Reverse Engineering White/Blue Light Scanning Technology Hand Measurement CAD Modeling (F) CAD CAE CFD Expert Man-power Resource management Provide Experience Manpower resources : On Contractual Term (G) CAD CAE PLM License Management Rental CAD CAE Software Licenses on contractual term agreement Projects Domains : Automotive Sector Heavy Engineering and earth moving equipment, Blowers and Pump Industries, Product Manufacturing.
Published 4 years ago
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