Baja SAE Vehicle

This is a mechanical engineering senior design project in King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM). The project was to design a suspension and four-wheel drive system for Baja SAE vehicle. We selected a double wishbone suspension and an H-arm suspension for the front and the rear respectively, and the design was done iteratively on Solidworks and Lotus Suspension Analysis software. I was mainly involved in the roll cage, suspension geometry design on Solidworks and the whole car assembly in addition to the stress analysis of the suspension arms on ANSYS. A simulation was also done on Solidworks Motion analysis: [Video 1](hidden) [Video 2](hidden) **Notes:** The engine CAD model was obtained from Briggs & Stratton. The differential CAD model was obtained from Hilliard Corporation. The drive shaft and air shocks models belong to BenBurgstra and MoraVaibhav on GrabCAD.
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