In this project, I worked as a chassis and ergonomics designer. Project goal: Definitely, the major task of the project was to Design and fabricate or manufacture an 4WD ATV(all terrain vehicle). As an undergrad, the challenges to overcome, were enormous. First of all we as a team needed to gain all the knowledge of the mechanics and dynamics of a car to manufacture one of our own. My tasks during the project were: -To analyze and design a BAJA chassis in Solidworks which was light weight. -To ensure a minimum factor of safety of the chassis during collisions by performing simulations in Ansys. -To do physical validation of the simulations done in the software. Challenges faced by me: -To design a roll cage which follows all the rules of the BAJA SAE competition -To do hundreds of iterations of roll cage before finalizing the best one -To do further analysis on it to engineer it to perfection
Published 11 months ago
3d-cad autodesk-inventor chassis machine-desgin sae-baja solidwokrs