Air Bus Design

About This Gig Hello, Sir/Mam, Here is Muhammad Tanveer Mechanical engineer a modeling enthusiastic who is always ready to apply the Verification of analytical and numerical problems. A guy who is in love to design the concept base models and is always ready to bring creativity in the design out of the way. A guy who is ready to work with company to solve not only to solve the design problems but will bring the creativity in the design through economically as well as the safety point of view. In this gig i'll provide you the complete assistance in the FEA analysis in ANSYS workbench under static structural and transient modules of the ANSYS Workbench. I have done FEA analysis on the Cantilever beam under 6 DOF and also on springs for there responses as well as the fundamental frequencies associated with them and also available to do FEA analysis anytime you need me. I have done the FEA of the Spar Design of the Airplane with the beam, jigs and ribs i have lot of work and i can share it as well with the right person.
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