Aashka Multi specialty Hospital

Located in Suburbs of Gandhinagar an existing 15 years old private Hostel building was converted into a Multispeciality hospital. An adaptive reuse route was taken into consideration mainly to lower the overall cost of the project by conservation of the original structure. Main Challenge was adhering to the existing service and utility locations as well as the structural grid for creating medical areas according to the NABH and AERB guidelines. Space Division All the non-medical areas such as Admin, IT, record and storerooms, housekeeping, etc. were placed at the lower level. The emergency area and diagnostic center were placed together on the Ground floor for better patient attendance. Also, some ground and first-floor areas were kept aside for in case of future expansion. The first and second floors are dedicated to the OPD area and different categories of rooms. While the third floor was designed for the Intensive care units. Keeping all ICU on one floor gives more flexibility to the specialist doctors and nursing staff. Stacking all the super sterile areas such as General Operation Theatre Complex, Cardiac OTs, Cath. Lab and related ICUs, as well as CSSD on the top floor, confirm lesser chances of contamination as it restricts human perforation.
Published 2 years ago
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