350 kW Hydraulic Power Pack

A hydraulic power supply is required to be designed with proper pumping capacity i.e. Pressure and flow to cater various electro hydraulic actuators and other facilities as per specifications. Filtration system is specified in following specification to maintain oil cleanliness required for use of contamination sensitive components e.g. hydro static bearings, servo valves etc. The pumping system should consist of one charging pump and three main hydraulic pumps out of which two are fixed displacement axial piston pumps and third being a variable displacement axial piston pump. First, variable displacement pump shall be run and other fixed displacement pump shall be started when requirement of flow increases. In addition to this there will be electrostatic oil cleaner, cooling tower, dehydration and de-gasification unit etc. The power pack shall have local control panel for operation and control of various subsystems (electrostatic oil cleaner, cooling tower, dehydration and de-gasification unit), pumps of power pack; vary pressure through electrically modulated valve. A junction box has to be provided for remote control of all the above features (as described in local control panel) from main computer control system.

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