2d and 3d cad modelling, assembling and rendering

hey guys..Hope you all guys going well. My name is Junaid and i am here to help you. I'm offering following services : 3D Modeling of Parts and Assemblies for 3D Printing/Prototyping and other purposes Concept designs and Prototyping High-Quality Photorealistic Renders on SolidWorks. Motion Analysis and 3D Animations in Solidworks. Simulation of 3D Models (Stress Analysis, Buckling Analysis, fatigue, and Heat Simulations in Solidworks and Ansys) Mold and Plastic Enclosure designs using Solidworks Drawings from concept designs Delivery time depends on the complexity of parts and active orders. - Free Multiple File Formats - Free Fast Delivery - Free Unlimited Revisions - Free Photorealistic Renders - Available 24/7
Published 7 months ago
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