INTRO Turnstone E-Bikes are developing one of the world’s first titanium framed fat e-bikes with a battery integrated downtube. The bikes are a premium and feature heavy offering designed for park rangers riding in heavy terrain. Using well known add-on items such as a BMZ lithium-ion battery, Schwalbe tyres and Lauf forks to name a few, the frame is the last piece of the puzzle to produce such a high output. WHAT EMBER DID Ember took on the challenge to design in the BMZ battery into a fully custom downtube and partially custom overall frame. Where most titanium frames will house the battery in an after-market battery holder, the Turnstone design took a step up by housing the battery inside the downtube. To meet the high-end nature of the design, additional custom design elements such as a skeletal dropout system, crank arms and a “city bike” changeover with Vee tyres, custom fixed front fork, leather handle grips and leather saddle. RESULT Ember meticulously studied reference bike frame dimensions to ensure the frame proportion were best suited to off-road and all-day use. The result is an optimized for traditional and new manufacture method design ready for prototype and field testing.
  • KD Lavelle
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Published 2 years ago
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