Post a "design contest" and our network of design freelancers will compete to create the perfect design product. From prototype design, 3D rendering, innovative engineering, industrial design & creative concepts; we’ve got you covered. You have the option to make your project public, private or invite only and receive full IP ownership for your favorite concept.

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  • Drafters submit work for your review
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How CAD design projects work

1) Write a project brief
2) Review submissions & give feedback
3) Pick the best design

What our customers say

John Taylor | Paid $1,200
“We had hundreds of drawings that needed to get done. Cad Crowd allowed us to ask dozens of designers to submit a drawing sample, then choose the best person to handle the complete workload.”
Rahul Dharod | Paid $200
“We were able to get 8 concept prototypes created for a wireless router we’ve been developing. Cad Crowd is worth the money”
Diego Bortolato | Paid $200
“Cad Crowd helped me to complete a file conversion from Google Sketchup to Revit and save hundreds of dollars.”

Latest CAD design projects

Bring our mascot to life! 2D to 3D Design for 3D Printing

Our mascot has lived his entire life as nothing more than a 2D image on a screen. It's very sad, and it's time that changed! We would like to render our buddy into 3D with the...

Thumb Peeler

Use this so peels of fruit come off in one full half-section without the nuisance of small peeling sections that can take a lot of time.

Trash Can Clip\Labels

I am looking to have designed three silicone clips that can attach to the rim of a trash can. One clip will be black and say Landfill, one will be green and say Compost and the...

Spartan Kettle Bell

I'm a looking for a drawing that incorporates the "Spartan Helmet" (the movie 300) onto the front surface of a 20kg kettle bell. The idea is to hold the Kettle Bell with the the...


Design of new IR TV remote mostly concluded, I need expert to develop CADs for this device including small slide out drawer for a keyboard.. All culminating in SLA prototypes....

Crown Afro Hair Pick

Looking to design a new hair pick that has a simple but UNIQUE crown on the top of the handle, instead of the fist as seen in the example provided.

Car Seat - Drafting Contest for CAD Designers

The work will be done using Catia Surfacing. There are no specific dimension of the car seat. All depending on the ratio of the seat.

Bathing Product Concept Design for CAD Freelancers

long handle 15 inches long with a part accross the top that will hold a sponge. Please refer to to attached pictures. Not sure about the width across the top i am hoping the designer help...

Water Bottle Cooling Element

An gel-filled, plastic component that is stored in a freezer and then used with a water bottle. This component will replace ice to keep drinks cold longer and also prevent melting...

THE AFRO PICK - CAD Designer to Create 3D Design for Shapeways Print

I want to make myself an afro pick that instead of a black power fist it has an afro. I want to make it using shapeways.

Super ellipse

Create a CAD schematic of the attached super ellipse shape for a table top. Both aerial view and side view.

Need prototype for zip-top baggie

We are a small family startup, looking to manufacture a zip-top (ie, "Ziploc") style baggie. We are in need of a CAD design, to be given to our manufacturer to begin the production...

1:285 war game aircraft

I am looking for a single master that can be used to create multiple copies in Metal for war gamers and collectors. The period of interest ranges from the mid 1930s through modern...

CAD model for wireless router

We have 3 development boards and a LCD which needs to fit in an enclosure. The design of the enclosure is decided so you just need to make a nice enclosure with you CAD tools to...

Wheel Rocker

adjustable and universal wheel rotator for various wheel sizes


More questions?

How many designers are going to work on my project?
A contest usually has between 5-12 designers submitting work. A bigger budget means more designers working on your project.
How many design submissions will I receive?
On average, you will receive 10+ designs for your contest.
Will the designers make edits to the designs they send to me?
Certainly. You can request unlimited changes from your favorite designer until you're completely happy with your work.
What if I'm not happy with any designs?
We have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll give a full refund within 60-days of completion.
How much does it cost to post a design contest?
You get to set the price! We suggest $20/hr and the more you offer, the more designers will submit work.
How can it help me with high volume work?
For large volume work (ie. 1000 drawings), we suggest asking designers to upload a sample. Then you can ask the designer with the best sample to finish the rest.