Darko Marinkovic
Global rank:
257 / 25,500
Skill pts: 88
Mechanical Engineer with 5 years experience. I use SolidWorks and have trained people that know how to use it! Whether you need 2D converted to 3D or you need complex assemblies I can help you out. Renderings, E-Drawings, or complete drawings packages can be provided depending upon your requirements. Simply provide a blueprint and a detailed description of what you require. I do 3D rendering and animation using 700+ materials, 50+ lighting environments, labels, texture and opacity maps to create exactly the look you need. This is a powerful approach when it comes to selling a concept, internal presentations, digital prototyping, and creating sales or marketing images – all from your 3D data. Reverse engineering projects use a physical part to create the digital package when blueprints are either incomplete or nonexistent. I offer laser digitisation, computerised tomography (CT) for components with internal features, white light and various contact and non contact scanning systems. Depending on the accuracy requirements or geometrical configuration, I will utilize the best technique for digitising your parts. How will the object in your sketch, or your computer-aided design actually look and feel? Will your new component fit into its overall assembly or properly house the object it needs to? Will the product even work? Using the latest rapid prototyping technologies, I can create a three-dimensional model that brings your vision to life, quickly and cost-effectively. Today’s Rapid Prototyping allows you to create highly functional, incredibly accurate models in just a matter of hours.