Meenakshi Kalra
Global rank:
26,723 / 35,643
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Hi, I am Mechanical Engineer, really passionate about technology and innovative stuffs. I really love product designing, finding engineering solutions, and development of the product.

I provide all kind of engineering service related in field of Mechanical with extensive Knowledge and experience. I also provide prototyping service (like product development, 3d printing), Product design services, CAD designs, 3d Modeling, Rendering, FEA, CFD, Thermal Analysis, Fatigue analysis, Nodal (Vibrational analysis), CNC, Design for manufacturing, Engineering Research about Material, Technology, design, simulation, Numerical Parameters.

I have years of experience with CATIA, ANSYS (ALL WORK BENCHES), SOLIDWORK, Keyshot.

We can collaborate and I am always interested in finding the best solutions for your requirements. The result quality is independent of the price of the project, if you have trusted me with your problem I will deliver the best possible.


  • GGSIPU BTECH, Mechanal Engineering, 10 2015 – 2019


English Full professional proficiency


New Delhi, Delhi, India