I design mechanical and electro-mechanical components and assemblies for bespoke equipment. The products I have designed in the past are for technical laboratory equipment for Battery, Biotechnology, and highly corrosive chemistries, such as; 100 – 700 Bar high pressure reactors, high pressure pipework, magnetic agitation stirring, ceramic reactors, product mounting, sheet metal forms, and several product developments. I show improvements in thermal conductivity, magnetic flux, no moving parts motors, and saving billet material.

I have several years' experience in multiple industries surrounding; adhesive, grease, oil, and powder injection, batch washers, boiler systems, computer systems, Allen Bradley [Rockwell], Mitsubishi, and Siemens PLC’s, continuous inkjet printers, gas and steam dryers, hoist and horizontal conveyors, hydraulic presses, industrial heaters and ventilation, labelling machines, linen folding and ironing machinery, packing machines, plastic moulding, pneumatic systems, sealing, and vacuum forming, step conveyors, washing machines, heat exchangers, steam boiler, steam and water systems, water softener systems, chemical and water Pumps.
With electrical experience in AC single and three phase, motors and inverters, transformers, DC Electricals, and wiring diagrams.

I design for manufacturability (DFM), assembly (DFA), and testing (DFT).
I have worked with several materials such as; metal alloys, metal super alloys, plastics, composites, ceramics, polymers, and Graphite.

Personally I like driving and improving my Westfield kit car, design then build machinery for a purpose.
For example; I have 4 patents underway for a new type of electrical generator to charge my electric car, a homogeneous engine able to burn any volatile fuel by adjusting its own compression ratio and new type ignition system, and an electric motor with no moving parts, effectively a Solid-state actuator.


  • Oaklands College Bachelor of Technology Level 4, Engineering 2020 graduation (expected)
  • Oaklands College Bachelor of Technology Level 3, Engineering 2017 graduation
  • North Hertfordshire College Bachelor of Technology Level 2, Engineering 2014 graduation
  • University of Plymouth Degree, Geoscience 2011 graduation