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Business Planning CAD Design Design Engineer Engineering & Development Engineering Design LISA Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics Product Analysis Product Concept Development Project Management Renewable Energy SolidWorks SolidWorks 2D/3D Solidworks Assembly auto cad
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Michael graduated Sydney University with first class honours in Mechatronics Engineering (combining electrical and mechanical engineering). He also studied Applied Finance and more recently Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at MIT. He has spent most of his time working in engineering in a diverse range of fields including renewable energy, energy efficiency, controls and systems engineering and web application development.

He has won engineering awards for various projects and technologies including an AIRAH award for a unique cold thermal storage system. Most notably, he was awarded the IEAust National Engineering Excellence Award (the highest engineering award in Australia) for inventing and developing the SeaUrchin tidal turbine.

More recently, he has designed and developed a hybrid renewable energy system, utilising wind and solar, to power autonomous farming systems for installation in schools throughout Australia. The system teaches the students renewable energy and sustainable farming practices and are controlled by an app on their phones. He also devised and developed on an autonomous robot utilising artificial intelligence to optimise the growth and selection of embryos and stem cells for human IVF, regenerative medicine and mass production of embryos for agriculture.

Michael has successfully traded US Futures and Crypto Futures using artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading. He has personally traded more than $350 million value in contracts and averages above 60% annual return. It is this unique mix of engineering, technical, project management, financial and business skills that allows Michael to devise novel and extraordinary technologies integrating many different disciplines to develop and prepare them for commercialisation.

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  • Founder | CEO OptiCellAI · Full-time Mar 2022 – Present 11 mos undefined, NSW, Australia Invent and develop an autonomous robotic cultivation machine to
    optimise and select the best embryos and cells for IVF, stem cells and
    other regenerative medicine. The CultiCyte robot captures microscopic
    images and feeds them to an artificial intelligence controller to adjust
    system parameters like temperature, media flow rates, pH and
    nutrients to ensure healthy cultivation of cells while selecting the best
    cells for implantation. Manage the project, engineers and technical
    aspects while managing the company and ASX-listed client.
  • Founder | CEO | CTO Advanced Hybrid · Full-time Nov 2020 – Present 2 yrs 3 mos undefined, NSW, Australia Founded a start-up engineering company as CEO and raised capital to
    develop a range of leading-edge technologies as CTO. Invented and
    developed the VariPole motor – a unique twin-stator design for
    efficient low speed operation with integrated gearbox. Invented and
    developed the sCVT magnetic gearbox with integrated constantly
    variable transmission and flywheel energy storage. Invented and
    developed the HXG or “Thermocharger” – an improved turbocharger
    operating from waste heat using supercritical CO2. Presented to world
    leading organisations such as the Red Bull F1 team, Vestas wind
    turbine manufacturers and AVL automotive engineers. Worked with
    world leading engineering organisations such as Cosworth racing
    engineers and AVL automotive engineers. Primary technology designer
    and drafter of all associated patents.
  • CTO | Project Manager (Confidential) · Full-time Feb 2020 – Present 3 yrs undefined, NSW, Australia Devise a STEM-based control system with all sensors and actuators for
    an Australian government funded automated farming system for
    schools to teach agriculture, renewable energy, sustainability and
    STEM to students. Project manage, design and code control systems,
    network, cloud server and associated app. To be opened by The Prime
    Minister in mid-2023.


  • MIT Artificial Intelligence, Engineer 2020 – 2021
  • University of Sydney Mechatronics Engineer, Engineer, Hons I 1991 – 1995