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Do you Inventors Helpneed help bringing that great invention idea to fruition? You've come to the right place. We love working with inventors to help them bring awesome new ideas to market. The truth is that bringing an invention to life is so much more than having that eureka moment. The product development process requires a wide range of skills and technical knowledge, from ergonomics to engineering, to manufacturing methods, it's not something anyone can do alone. Cad Crowd helps you connect the dots, and find the expert freelance design and development services that you specifically need for your project.

Rather than offering a standard package or a flat fee, we operate on an entirely case-by-case basis. Not all inventors and entrepreneurs need the same services. What you need for your particular project will depend upon the nature of your invention, your specific skill set, and your business strategy. Our goal is to connect you with the help you need. Our services are custom-tailored to meet the specific demands of your project. Whether you need someone to quickly convert a 3D model into and STL file for 3D printing, or you're looking to hire an electrical engineer to help you design your PCB, our vast global network of top-quality professional freelancers has got you covered. 

Industry Leading Freelancers & Cutting Edge Technology At Your Fingertips

One of the great advantages of working with professional designers is access to powerful modern CAD design and 3D modeling tools. This technology has transformed nearly every aspect of the product design and development process, from initial concept development through to prototyping and production. But this software comes with a daunting learning curve, and often with a similarly daunting price tag. By working with the professional freelance CAD designers we have on Cad Crowd, you have the whole spectrum of modern design technology at your fingertips. This is a powerful tool in bringing the optimum realization of your invention idea to life. 

Of course, even the most sophisticated tool is only as useful as the operator. With Cad Crowd, you know you're working with talented designers. Our community consists of thousands of freelancers with various different skills and expertise. We connect you only with top-tier freelancers, ensuring that your project receives the expert assistance it needs to reach its full potential. 

Patenting and Invention Licensing Services

In addition to design and manufacturing, Cad Crowd is your place to get help with patenting and invention licensing. We also provide all kinds of useful information about copyright law and trademarks in the U.S. Our roster of professional patent agents and patent attorneys are ready to help you with your USPTO patent search or utility patent application.

If you'd rather let someone else worry about production and distribution, then take advantage of our invention licensing services. We'll help you get your product on the shelves of major retailers, and you'll be free to come up with your next great idea!

Whatever your project calls for, we're here to help! You won't find this comprehensive suite of services anywhere else, and provided by only the top performing freelancers on the web. Submit your project for a free quote today. We'll review your requirements and connect you one (or more!) of our industry-leading freelancers. 

World Class Designers to Help With Your Invention

There's never been a better time to be an inventor! The tools and technology we have available now allow for nearly limitless creativity and innovation across a wide range of industries and fields. Cad Crowd is proud to be part of this burgeoning age of innovation! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for innovators and inventors to connect with the expertise they need to bring their ideas into the world. 

With thousands of experienced designers in our community, we provide clients with access to talent that covers the entire spectrum of modern design and manufacturing technologies. If you need someone specifically who works with Siemens NX, or AutoCAD, or Inkscape, we've got you covered! Just let us know what you need, and we'll track down the ideal freelancer for your project. 

Are you ready to bring your invention to the next level? You'll find the invention help you need here. Let us know about your project. We'll set you up with a free estimate, and we'll connect you with an industry leading freelancer with the knowledge and experience you need to meet and exceed your goals. Get started today!

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