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RhinoCAD, also known as Rhino3D, Rhino or Rhinoceros, is a famous CAD (computer-aided design) and 3D computer graphics program created by Robert McNeel and Associates. The geometry of this program is based on the mathematical model known as NURBS. This model is fully focused on creating a mathematically accurate representation of freeform surfaces and curves in computer graphics. So, generally speaking, RhinoCAD is a free-form surface modeler that uses the help of NURBS. RhinoCAD is modular software thanks to its open SDK and app architecture. 

RhinoCAD allows users to customize the interface in a number of different ways and make custom menus and commands. The best part is that users can use some of the many plug-ins that will make the use of this software even easier and more efficient. This application software is used in the field of architecture, animation, rendering, prototyping, 3D printing and many other fields.

RhinoCAD works on both Windows OS and OS X and has a specific file format - .3D. The format itself is useful because it allows users to get involved in NURBS geometry exchange. RhinoCAD provides compatibility with a large range of software solutions and it supports more than 30 different CAD file formats for both exporting and importing. Some of these file formats include .3ds, AI, IGES, STEP, VDA, TGA, VRML, POV, STL, FBX and DWG and DFX. 

Another great thing about RhinoCAD is that it supports plug-ins made from different companies and individuals, allowing for greater customization and flexibility. It has specialized plug-ins for import and export, CAM, rendering, analysis, animation as well as plug-ins designed for miscellaneous activities. 

All the designers you can find on our platform are ready to start working with your right away. They will help you with the entire design process and keep you informed about every stage of the project from the beginning to the moment you get the final files. They have mastered all the features of RhinoCAD and they will definitely provide the best results.

Our community includes a huge number of RhinoCAD specialists from every corner of our planet. Cad Crowd connects clients with top-ranked experts. Send us info about your project. We will quickly analyze your requirements and needs and we will suggest a few top-notch professionals that can help you. Start working with our designers right away! 

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