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This open source, cross-platform simulation software was created for wind turbine and blade design, while it also features tools for aerodynamical simulation. The software is available for Linux and Windows and was created by TU Berlin, back in 2015. It is also integrated with XFOIL, which is an advanced airfoil analysis and design tool. To create aerodynamically accurate simulations, Qblade delivers all the vital tools, while the XFOIL integration enables users to create and design custom airfoils while keeping an eye on their performance curve, which can be easily calculated by Qblade. This way, designers can create high-quality and high-performance designs, which is also ensured by the user-friendly graphical interface.

Qblade comes with a wide toolset, starting from blade design and optimization to 3D visualization, rotor performance analysis, multiple simulation options and much more. The user-friendliness allows professional designers to produce a very high-quality final product, which Qblade experts can adjust based on simulation findings, to ensure that the final product delivers the expected performance. This way, Qblade together with the seamless XFOIL integration delivers an outstanding, versatile solution, that can be key to your next project.

In case you are looking for your next Qblade designer, members of our global design community are ready to contribute to your project. Our professional members are vetted, top-tier freelance Qblade designers, offering a wide range of Qblade services. To find your next top talent, rely on the professional services of Cad Crowd, as we can easily connect you with the next top talent, who can contribute to your project. By hiring online, you will not only acquire your next indispensable team member, but also a highly motivated freelance Qblade designer, who aims not only to meet but to exceed your expectations.

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