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PTC Windchill, often simply called Windchill, is one of the most used product lifecycle management (PLM) software tools in use today. It was designed and created by PTC, Boston-based computer software firm. PTC Windchill was introduced back in 1998 and at the time it was the first online PLM tool. Over the years, PLC has released many different versions of this program. The latest is from January 2016, Windchill 11.0. Today, more than one million professionals around the globe use PTC Windchill.

At Cad Crowd, we are proud of our international network of PLM specialists who are prepared to complete any type of drafting and design task. We have a strong community that includes professional freelancers that work in many different fields including drafting, graphic design, engineering, project management, industrial design, architecture and other areas. Organizations and individuals interested in using PTC Windchill services provided by people who have completely mastered this software tool can rely on Cad Crowd. This is the place where you can find the best freelance PTC Windchill designers currently available in the market.

As we said before, PTC Windchill is used by different categories of people and entities — from freelancers to employees in big corporations. The vast majority of users are concentrated in manufacturing — automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, high-tech, medical devices, industrial products, footwear, apparel, and retail. Some other products that provide more or less similar features to PTC Windchill include Oracle’s Agile, Dassault Systemes’ ENOVIA and Siemens’ Teamcenter. However, there are some things that make PTC Windchill unique. For instance, this software tool has advanced integration capabilities which allow it to integrate PLM information and data with mCAD, eCAD, ERP and software info from different parts of an organization into one place. Cadence integration, MCAD integrations, FORAN gateway, Windchill Info Engine, Windchill PLM connector and Windchill enterprise integration are some of the handy features of this program.

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