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Redouan Elmirou
Member Since: 2016-05-31
Welcome! My name is Redouan Elmirou. I am a Dutch engineering student working as a freelance 3D-CAD and graphic designer. I can deliver high quality 3D-CAD models for show/concepting as well as models ready for prototyping/production! Affordable rates! High quality work! Custom designs! Feel free to take a look at my profile, and please don't hesitate to contact me for questions!
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Member Since: 2017-03-20
Elise Chwan [elees – shwahn] grew up in the state of New York, USA. She went to college at SUNY University at Buffalo in western New York for a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and minor in Studio Art. Half way through college, she started working for an architect over her summer breaks in her hometown. Elise continued working for the architecture firm for 6 months after her graduation from the university. She received an opportunity to work for a unitized curtain wall construction facility close to Buffalo, and worked there for 2 years and 3 months with multiple responsibilities, including assistant project management, drafting, and CNC programming. Elise then received another opportunity to draft alongside engineers and drafters for a steel company. She worked there for a year, and then was accepted to make aliyah. She now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and started Elise Chwan Design + Drafting to offer her wide range of knowledge and design skills to local and long distance companies.
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Member Since: 2017-04-06
As a Designer, I have several years of experience of passionate work in the Industrial Design field. My working experience includes: conceptualization, Design and assistance in project management at commercial exhibitions, POP displays, retail design, interior design, product development, branding corporation, Graphic design, and other design approaches. I have high proficiency making 3D modeling, animation, and 2D graphic conceptualization design using advanced software tools according to the current demands. In the last 2 years, I had the opportunity to work as a designer specifically in a lighting company in Tokyo. That experience made me understand the importance working as a team player using my strong professional and interpersonal skills as I interacted with various departments levels of management and engineers.
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Micaela Crosbie
Member Since: 2017-04-19
I am a qualified Industrial Designer , I obtained a BA degree at The Open Window Institute. I am passionate about my industry and have a love for fine art. I am a hard-working, ambitious being who can take on any challenge presented to me.
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Member Since: 2017-01-11
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Alex Kimber
Member Since: 2017-01-16
I'm a product designer. I graduated from Brunel University after studying BSc Product Design Engineering and have since worked in architectural/construction design and freelance CAD modelling. My particular interests in design are human-centred design solutions, design thinking for innovation, sustainable design and rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping in particular is a passion of mine as I have constructed several desktop printers and continue to use and upgrade my printers. Currently I'm working on my blog, , and preparing for my Masters degree in design. I am available for freelance work and would be happy to receive an email from you at
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Member Since: 2017-03-18
Hello, I have been a professional artist in the cg industry for more than 5 years now. During this time I have worked on a wide range of projects being mostly responsible for the creation of all kinds of assets,lighting and rendering of projects. I consider myself mainly a CG Modeler with a passion for character creation and look development for architecture also, I am very passionate about what I do and I always try to push myself to the limits to become a better artist.
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komal rathi
Member Since: 2017-02-22
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Member Since: 2017-01-13
I/we "make forms a functional part of life". With Ideation, I/we will formulate your ideas and concepts. I/we design, develop, consult, and/or market.
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Member Since: 2017-02-27
My name is Graham and I am a senior studying Industrial Design at CCA. I have exceptional work experience and a passion for design and 3D modeling. I have excellent visual communication skills, knowledge of model making, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing techniques. I am proficient with many digital tools, including Solidworks, Rhino, Keyshot, and the Adobe Creative Suite. I’m also well acquainted with the design process and design research.
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