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Based on the success of AutoCAD, a group of experts decided to create a free and open-source 3D CAD modeler. FreeCAD was introduced in 2002 and every since then it is used by thousands of designers and CAD modelers around the globe. FreeCAD is focused on product design and mechanical engineering, but it can be used in many different areas related to engineering, like architecture. This software works on Windows, Unix, MacOS and Linux and comes with tools that operate similarly to Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Creo, and CATIA. That’s why it is also used in MCAD, CAE, and PLM too.

Cad Crowd represents a global network that includes FreeCAD specialists prepared to manage any type of CAD drafting and design activities. We have a well-developed and popular community that includes freelance specialists in areas like architecture, technical drafting, engineering, graphic design, industrial design, project management and other similar areas. So, in case you want to use FreeCAD services provided by top-notch CAD designers, your search is over. Without any doubt, Cad Crowd will help you find you are looking for. We have the best freelance FreeCAD designers. 

Designers and engineers use FreeCAD for many different purposes. Obviously, they use it primarily as a 3D CAD modeler, but it’s good to mention that FreeCAD includes a 2D feature which is able to extract the details from 3D models and make 2D production drawings. With FreeCAD you can also use open-source libraries focused on scientific computing like Coin3D, Open CASCADE, and Python. But, the results you can expect from this tool are closely related to the expertise of the user. That’s why it is crucial to hire the most capable FreeCAD freelancer.

With the help of Cad Crowd, you will know for sure that you are dealing with the high ranking designers. Our job is to connect you with seasoned, experienced and carefully picked designers with extensive knowledge and design skills. The entire process will be conducted remotely and our designers can start working on your project whenever you want. They can work alone or as part of an established team. With Cad Crowd you don’t have to worry about the outcome of your online hiring experience because we are offering the help of truly professional designers. We vouch for the designers found on Cad Crowd.

Don’t hesitate to hire a FreeCAD freelancer right now. Take all the time you need to learn more about our freelancers by analyzing their profiles and pick the ones you find most suitable for the task. You can also let us make a selection after submitting the details about your project. We will provide a free quote and set you up with a hand-picked, pre-qualified designer from our roster of top-tier freelancers. We are quite sure that you can’t find better FreeCAD specialists anywhere else.

FreeCAD is a good example of an efficient CAD design tool, but it is good to point out that our designers and drafters have knowledge in many other similar tools. 


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