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Mohammed AlSayed AlManzalawy
Member Since: 2016-10-29
I am a mechanical product designer. I have 5 years of experience using SolidWorks. I can take your project from idea and concept hand sketches to finished product. My goal is to achieve maximum client satisfaction. I offer support even after completion of the project, if you are in urgent need, remember that I'll always be there (any number of revisions guaranteed). Vision: precise, high quality work at the least amount of time and budget ! SKILLS: 3D MODELING: •Multi-body Part Modeling •Large Assembly Design •Surface Modeling •Sheet Metal Design •Structural Weldments •Mold Design •Routing (Electrical, Piping and Tubing) Design •Reverse Engineering SIMULATION: •FEA Simulation •CFD Simulation •Dynamic Simulation TECHNICAL COMMUNICATIONS: •2D Drawings •High Quality Illustrations •3D Renderings •Photo-realistic Images •Interactive Animations •Catalog and Manual Design OTHER SKILLS: •3D printing •SolidWorks API
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Kalaiyarasan IN in Chennai
Member Since: 2016-07-09
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Member Since: 2015-08-19
I am a CAD designer, have sound knowledge and skill in the field of mechanical engineering, stress analysis, finite element analysis, and computational mechanics.
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Tazo J
Tazo J GE in Tbilisi
Member Since: 2015-11-01
Welcome Dear Customer, You've landed on a right spot! The commitment I'm giving you - I will find the solution to your complex problem and you will get a highest possible quality job on your projects. And, here is the why... I'm an Aerospace / Mechanical Engineer for 20+ years now. As a mechanical engineer during whole career my job was to develop/design complex applications "from the scratch". Unlike one with only modern CAD application knowledge or just drafting as you might know the design "from the scratch" involves much broader knowledge and understanding of design engineering principals and approaches, problem understanding and handling in an optimal way, fast turn around and many more... The Aerospace Engineering in this part of the world includes strong background in various disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis. So, the fields of my expertise and proven experience include - 1. Aerospace / Mechanical Engineer for 20+ years. 2. Expertise in CATIA. 3. Expertise in SolidWorks. 4. Expertise in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). 5. Expertise in Thermal Analysis 6. Expertise in FEA (Finite Element Analysis). 7. Expertise in Kinematics / Motion Analysis. Currently I'm a 100% freelancer holding the Top Rated badge at the world's one of the leading freelancing resource. Having already accomplished hundreds of hours on hourly projects and many more with fixed price projects and continuing. I'm specifically oriented on completing the complex projects in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Flow Analysis, Finite Element Analysis. Dear Customer, be rest assured: Have the project to be successful - I Will Find The Solution!
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lokesh kumar
lokesh kumar IN in Chennai
Member Since: 2016-07-05
i am good performer
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Scott Sardina, PE, CFPS
Member Since: 2016-11-13
Scott Sardina is a licensed professional engineer for the State of Wisconsin, certified fluid power specialist, and founder of Waterclock Engineering. He previously held multiple engineering, management, and sales roles, specializing in the fluid power industry. Scott has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin. He also has a Master of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin. Scott has worked on various demanding applications for forging, extrusion, aerospace, civil, and oil & gas applications. He has worked on all aspects of the project phase from engineering design to project management. Scott is a Director-At-Large on the International Fluid Power Society Board of Directors and serves as Vice Chair of the Marketing Committee.
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Dhanush17 IN in Chennai
Member Since: 2016-12-22
Forward thinking Mechanical Engineer. Skilled in Design, Analyse and Simulation and with a strong understanding knowledge in Computational Fluid Dynamics-CFD, Gas Dynamics, Heat transfer, Engineering Mechanics and Principles, Operational and production coupled with excellent communication & presentation skills, Highly motivated and eager to learn new things.
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SzP in
Member Since: 2015-07-28
Hello! I'm Mechanical Engineer with more than 10 years of working experiance in Automotive (Chassis systems, Valves, Plastics design).
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SAZE Engr. Inc.
SAZE Engr. Inc. NG in Lagos
Member Since: 2016-07-15
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Jim Shaw
Jim Shaw US in Babson Park
Member Since: 2016-11-12
Jim Shaw is currently the Managing Director of Fastway Engineering, an engineering firm dedicated to helping companies get the most out of their CAD/CAE software. Using hands-on, project-based curriculum, Fastway Engineering helps Designers, Engineers, Makers, and Manufacturers climb up the learning curve as fast as possible. Prior to that, he’s designed, analyzed, tested, built, and broken a wide range of products.
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