Freelance Autodesk Advance Concrete Experts for Hire

Another CAD software application to be added in any designer’s arsenal, Autodesk Advance Concrete was developed by GRAITEC, but is now built on the AutoCAD platform. It is commonly used in the fields of drafting, and structural/civil engineering for modeling and detailing of structures that use reinforced concrete. Simply put, it is CAD for concrete-based projects. 

For structural draftsmen and engineers, the application takes out the complexity of modeling and detailing of buildings and precast concrete elements what with its comprehensive libraries of tools and features. These include structural elements, materials and sections, openings, and level management tools. Autodesk Advance Concrete freelancers have never had such powerful tools available as they do now. 

The software’s application also extends to civil engineering designs.

How can this software ensure delivery of high-quality Autodesk Advance Concrete services? 

It uses the AutoCAD technology ObjectARX that provides beams, stirrup bars, bars, columns, slabs, frames, and other professional objects integrated into AutoCAD and can be manipulated through the most basic of AutoCAD functions. You can shorten, stretch, move and/or copy the objects to suit your project needs. A freelance Autodesk Advance Concrete designer will know exactly how to exploit the software’s features to ensure project success. 

Through Advance Concrete, you can do 2D / 3D modeling of concrete structures; draw using automated tools, such as automatic creation of foundations and sections; generate bill of materials automatically; perform advanced reinforcement; and collaborate and work simultaneously on one project through multi-user modeling, where designers have access too a shared database. 

But one of the most important functions of Advanced Concrete is the dynamic reinforcement technology that allows a designer to create a dynamic reinforcement solution that can be reused many times over using elements of different sizes. This is made possible because the technology has already taken into account the context of concrete elements, such as type and connection with other elements, at the first stage. So when the original element is substituted for something else, the reinforcement element then adjusts to the new dimensions. 

With software dedicated to reinforced concrete elements and structures, taking on such projects is easy. Not exactly. This is because there are plenty of other factors that must be considered, design and construction are best left to professionals. 

Let Cad Crowd help

Cad Crowd has a community of Autodesk Advance Concrete freelancers that will help you take care of the CAD side of things, ensuring that only the right elements are used. With money and time involved, only experts in Advance Concrete will do. 

Contact us today and we will match you with a pre-vetted and skilled freelance Autodesk Advance Concrete designer. We guarantee a professional who are experts in design and in the industry that they belong in. They are also well-versed in design software other than Advance Concrete. 

If you prefer to hire designers yourself, simply check out our members’ profile so you will get a good grasp of what each professional is capable of. Once you made a choice, you can then contact them directly. 

Another option would be to host a design contest, so you can skip the hiring process and go straight to a finished project. 

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