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Vectorworks has been creating products for the architecture, entertainment and landscape industries since 1985. With a focus on design, the company has produced software that allows users to create groundbreaking models. Vectorworks’ applications have been used by over half a million designers around the world and they still continue to develop creative solutions for their CAD design audience. With products made by Vectorworks, designers are provided with the tools they need in order to realize a particular vision. 

You will find a number of talented Vectorworks freelancers here at Cad Crowd. We take pride in the fact that the members of our community are highly experienced with the use of different CAD design applications and have worked across various industries. We are confident that their skills and experience will help you achieve the goals of your projects. The professionals who offer their services to CAD Crowd have a variety of skills including drafting, designing and project management.

Vectorworks products are just a few of the applications that members of our community are intimately familiar with. The professionals here have a wide range of experience from working with different kinds of companies. They have honed their skills working on various projects, be it big or small. And they have tested their craft across many industries. As such, Cad Crowd is the place where you will find only the best Vectorworks services available.

We are fortunate here at Cad Crowd to have a global talent pool of the best drafters and engineers from around the world. We are confident in their skills and know that they can deliver on project specifications on time and within budget. And hiring a freelance Vectorworks designer from Cad Crowd is not a difficult task.

We try to make the online hiring process as simple as possible here at Cad Crowd. There are three ways you can hire a freelancer from our hub. First, you can send us your project specifications which we will take a look at. After we’ve analyzed it, we can get you in touch with a freelancer who offers the skills and experience needed to complete your project. You can work with them individually or have them join your team. Whichever way, you are guaranteed that they can do the job and help you realize the goals of your project. 

Second, you can host a design contest. This is a good idea when you want to see several interpretations of your project before selecting one. This is a way for you to find the best designer meant for your project by going through worldwide submissions. 

Lastly, you can hire a Vectorworks freelancer by going through the profiles of the CAD designers listed on this page. Every member of Cad Crowd has to create a personal profile so they can detail their work experience as well as their skills. You can browse through a list of Vectorworks designers in order to find one whose skills and experience suffice for the project you have in mind. 

We here at Cad Crowd make the hiring process easy and when you want highly skilled and experienced individuals for your project, we are happy to help you out!

Fablima US in Los Angeles
Member Since: 2016-02-26
During my 10 years of experience as an architect and interior designer, I managed, designed and supervised the implementation of complex interior design layouts and developed many innovative projects. One example is the original design approach for kids furniture aimed at promoting the development of children’s cognitive and social skills. Moreover, through comparison and analysis I administered and control budgets for all projects with a successful track record. I also successfully dealt with clients, suppliers and communicated with employees on all levels. Finally, I also studied Global Sustainability and General Business at UCLA.
35 points
Mark Colthorpe
Mark Colthorpe GB in Milton Keynes
Member Since: 2016-11-07
A Freelance designer for over 20 years, working on everything 3D from sketching, hand-built models, to CAD. projects as varied as F1 team merchandising to corporate receptions, to Pen and ink illustrations.
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Corty CH in
Member Since: 2012-12-18
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Member Since: 2015-10-19
4D Synchro programme and sequence simulation. Modeller Revit specialist. Navisworks Manage. In my spare time, I like to do some modelling and 4d construction progamming. Anthony holds a Master’s degree from Westminster University in Construction Project Management and has 8 years of experience in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry in different roles. Anthony started his career with a diploma in construction followed by a degree in architecture. Between 2006 and 2010 Anthony worked in different roles from an architectural assistant alongside senior designers producing 2D and 3D drawings to starting his own small construction business providing design and build solutions for small domestic projects. During these years he gained essential knowledge and exposure to the UK AEC industry. In 2010, Anthony had a role as Technical Site Coordinator for a Canadian/Australian developer contractor while studying his Master’s degree in construction project management. His primary role was to deliver strategic IT telecoms and communications for their UK portfolio. Here Anthony developed a highly coordinated skill set which varied from IT skills to project management. In 2013 Anthony then was recruited as BIM/VDC Coordinator, to lead project specific Building information modelling (BIM) coordination and management. Which involved in tendering bids to develop BIM in tenders and develops models for construction teams in particular in the resolution of key details in a virtual environment. Anthony’s core construction, architectural and project management skills help him deliver building information modelling and coordination of BIM Projects. Anthony has been implementing and managing 4D planning for the past 4 years and has strong knowledge in construction and BIM based software’s
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diego architetto
Member Since: 2012-09-06
My name is Diego Bortolato, I'm an italian architect, and I'm well specialized in luxury retail spaces and Jewellery shops design, and i've been working as image consultant for several companies.I'm an enthusiastic of good design and quite a fanatic of details and natural materials.I've started to work in this field as a professionist in 1998 after a period of six years in Milano, and I've spent a couple of years of my career in London at the beginning of the new century.I've been working for several clients, from different countries and cultures, practicing in Italy (from Torino to Amalfi) Switzerland, England, Lebanon, Dubay and partially in Russia.I've been working for jewellery firms like Leo Pizzo, Annamaria Cammilli, Crivelli, Lançon, Jahan Jewellery, Spallanzani, Staurino F.lli, RCM, Fa Gioielli, Roberta PorratiIn this period I'm developing a Villa on the Monferrato HillsNew Exciting experience
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Diego Rodrigo
Diego Rodrigo BO in La Paz
Member Since: 2017-05-12
Greetings, I’m a registered architect with over 12 years of experience in drafting, 3D modeling and design of residential and commercial buildings, now I specialize in doing outsource work in Vectorworks, from the U.K., Australia and the U.S. I work on projects from small renovations to residential communities. I tend to work in a very detail-oriented approach in every project, and I can guarantee a professional care with all of your projects also.
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Steve Scaysbrook
Member Since: 2012-09-24
Chartered Architectural Technologist, Specialising in design, development of building materials, Vectorworks CAD drawing for Domestic, Commercial and industrial clients
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Member Since: 2013-01-29
Architectural technician and space designer with over 10 years of experience focused on user-oriented design along with inner organizational dynamics. I collaborated on a wide range of projects such as industrial, low/high rise residential, office, mixed-use buildings, urban planning, and work on my own for scenography, interior and furniture design projects. Currently studying Ergonomics as a method of conception and design on top of my training in architecture. Turning the act of designing into a catalyst for innovative and participative experiences. It focuses on bringing out the best of human ressources by analysing the real situation and needs on field. Advanced user of VectorWorks and ArchiCAD, Photoshop
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JustinCAD GB in Cambridge
Member Since: 2013-12-10
I have 10 years of experience using AutoCAD and Civils3D, this means that I fully understand the workflows of the software allowing me to produce neat and sensible drawings.
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Redmjw GB in London
Member Since: 2014-09-17
I am an architectural assistant working for a successful practice in Richmond, Michael Jones Architects (www.mjarchitects.co.uk). Our practice is primarily involved with high-end residential work and commercial projects. As my portfolio testifies, my architectural interests lie with lower budget, democratic, sustainable, cooperative, grassroots building projects and processes. I am chiefly interested in exploring the possibilities of using fast and simple building processes to achieve affable spaces for living in that are available to all. On top of my professional experience in the residential sector, I also have a wealth of experience to draw upon from my university and competition work. As a part of my job I artfully produce realistic 3D visualisations for the projects I work on. As such, I have gathered a great deal of experience in the use of 3D modelling, rendering and photo-editing software. I usually work in Rhino 3D, VRay and Photoshop respectively; all of which work compatibly with all other CAD products. In other words, if you work in Autocad, then I can still work with your models and drawings. I work quickly, attentively and always to a deadline. My strengths lie in producing architectural images though my skills are equally applicable in other areas. Please get in touch to discuss details.
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