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The Unreal Engine is one of the most popular game engines in the world. It was developed by Epic Games about 18 years ago. As the name suggests, the first game where this engine was used was Unreal, a revolutionary early first first-person shooter game that has since spawned a long franchise which continues to this day.

 Even though it was initially created for first-person shooter games, the Unreal Engine has been applied in many other gaming genres like MMORPGs, stealth, and  RPGs. The code of this game engine is written in C++ which means that it is quite portable. This is one of the reasons why so many game developers use it even today. Of course, the developers behind this engine are constantly improving its performance and providing new releases.  The engine is so successful that it is sometimes even used outside of video games for movies, animations, and other applications.

Cad Crowd is proud of its international network of Unreal Engine freelancers that are capable of handling any kind of drafting and design tasks related to this engine. We have a strong community of professional freelance project managers, engineers, drafting experts, graphic designers, industrial engineers, architects, and animators. Those who need knowledgeable and expert freelance Unreal Engine designer who knows everything about Unreal Engine should stop their search. Cad Crowd is the best source for talented experts in this field.

Unreal Engine is a popular 3D game engine and expert toolset used in the creation of many hit video games as well as in 3D rendering, mobile game development, architectural visualization, digital films and other areas. Unreal Engine experts can easily make visual, virtual environment while, programmers use it to create scalable, modular framework. As we said before, Unreal Engine is also a set of great rendering tools which also comes with many different tools and APIs for the creation of real world physics. 

Thanks to Cad Crowd, people can now rest assured that they are working with the best freelance professionals. It is our goal to connect every client with high-ranking, pre-trained, experienced designers with knowledge that has been tested. We have designers who are prepared to work with every client on their small or big project over the internet. In addition, they are ready to work individually or as team members. Cad Crowd is your best option in case you want to avoid all the hassles associated with online hiring because we can connect you with Unreal Engine professionals in the market. 

Hire a freelancer that has mastered Unreal Engine today. Contact us for a free quote, and let us know about your project. After analyzing your needs and requirements we will identify the best freelancers for the job. We are confident that you won’t be able to find a better solution anywhere else!

Unreal Engine is just one of the many software solutions our community of vetted experts is familiar with. If you need help with any part of your project and you need true professionals, you can definitely find them on Cad Crowd.

Tojei VN in
Member Since: 2016-07-05
Want to train my souls,body and knowledge
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Mdesign0101 PT in Porto
Member Since: 2016-07-11
Hi, am an Architect with 34 years old, I like to develop complex designs and large scale projects. For many years I am developing my skills in Digital 3D-Design. I try to handle many work tools to perform my work, such as:3ds Max, AutoCad, Zbrush, Photoshop,Unreal Engine 4, After Effects, Substance Painter2 and other programs.I'm always looking to learn and continue to evolve in my work to achieve better results. Write me anytime.
37 points
Member Since: 2015-08-25
I work with 3D since 1995. I've been a freelancer for Television and corporate and also worked in agencies. I teach 3D for video game at Campus Ubisoft for 6 years. I'm also a teacher in 3D for autistic persons (Asperger Syndrome). Now I specialize in realtime immersions, virtual reality and augmented reality.
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Member Since: 2016-10-16
As a young and motivated architect and an engineer I always keep up with the latest trends and trying to give my customers the best service available. As a current employee working for architectural and engineering company, I believe that I have the right skills to create your dream projects. From build design for houses and buildings with many facilities to interior design and rendering. I can also make 360 VR renderings and videos.
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FlorinG RO in Bucharest
Member Since: 2017-04-20
Hi, I am a designer and 3D artist. I like technology and the way it makes our lives better. My goals: deliver high quality results in the area of product concept and render, contribute to the creation and planning of the product design and manufacturing. My tools: Blender, 3DS Max, Inventor and Unreal Engine Thank you
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TarasM UA in Lviv
Member Since: 2017-04-07
Conceptual Architectural Design 3D Guru 15 years of experience (2003-2017/Present) Experience in a world class high profile projects Happy Clients! 1000s of buildings, interiors, cars, products and other objects created in 3D 100s of successful projects Architectural Design, 3D Modeling, Interior Design, Photo realistic Visualization, Video Presentations, Virtual Reality 3ds MAX, VRay, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Unity3D, AutoCad English (Full Professional), Ukrainian (Native), Russian (Full Professional) Travel: YES
27 points
Member Since: 2015-09-15
I am a digital artist working in 2d and 3d graphics. I do 3d custom modelling, custom materials (simple or advanced), 3d high res & photo-realistic rendering, 3d animation, walk-through, immersive architectural presentation by using A.R. technology, 2d visual effects, 2d graphics as identity kits, vector work, creative ideas and more. Areas covered: product design, automotive renderings, architectural 3d visualization – interior & exterior, industrial 3d. Dynamic, ambitious, capable, coherent, enthusiastic and never the less, professional.
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Eli Flores
Eli Flores PH in Manila
Member Since: 2014-10-16
An enthusiast 3d parametric Modeller. render my job using efficient software for architects, engineer, construction and designers. Student of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering but best describe me as an APPLICATIONS ENGINEER, knowledgeable in the art of software management. I excel in my peformance with work experience, client interactions, trouble-shooting, continuous learning and perseverance.
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KadeJM US in Palm Bay
Member Since: 2017-05-22
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nacho prados
nacho prados ES in Malaga
Member Since: 2017-06-01
I am a 3D Character Modeler/Texturer specializing in creating digital characters for Films, Commercials and Videogames. Since I was a child, I have been an enthusiast of art in general. I watched cartoons on TV, and I dreamed to created them, I have always wanted to be an artist. My passion of creativity and drawing steered me to pursue a career in art, studying in the School of Arts of Malaga-Spain, that has allowed me to be succesful in my chosen area of art: 3D. Initially, I was trained in the traditional visual arts, which led to a Master Degree in 3D modelling and animation in CICE (Profesional School of New Technologies - Madrid). My childhood ambition has become a reality. I enjoy the complexity and challenged presented because as technology and new age ideas develop, so do my own skills evolve and grow. I have another Master of Advanced Character Modeling in 3D Animum School. This MA is all about creating high quality characters for Films, Commercials and Videogames purposes. It covers advanced techniques in modeling High and Low poly meshes, texturing, digital sculpting and shading. Working in 3D Industry I have just finished another Master about Unreal Engine (Videogames and VR Experiences) I am proficient at using the following applications: 3D MAX, MUDBOX, ZBRUSH, UNREAL ENGINE, SUBSTANCE PAINTER, SUBSTANCE DESIGNER, AUTOCAD and PHOTOSHOP. I am seeking new challenges to take my skills to a next level in the 3D Industry and open to positions abroad.
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