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Every step of a product’s life requires detailed management and care. You have to be ready to take on everything and do it in a way that leads to success and high-quality results. For nearly every business, doing this is not an easy process and does take an extraordinary amount of effort. The purpose of Siemens PLM is to simplify the process. By giving you the tools that you need, you can manage the full lifecycle of a product effectively, producing higher quality results. Using Siemens PLM freelancers is the best way to begin taking advantage of this software and all that it has to offer your business.

Making a good product takes numerous steps. It is not just about the idea, execution, or marketing. It is every step of the process brought together, each one as important as the last. Developing a product that sells well and represents your brand calls for a professional software that allows you to manage every step. That is what Siemens PLM is all about. It is a lifecycle management software dedicated to helping you manage every part of the product’s life. From conception to design to marketing to release, you can use this as a way to ensure top quality results.

With Cad Crowd's Siemens PLM services, you can be sure that you get the most out of the software. A freelance Siemens PLM designer will go through the software and work with you to complete every step fully, doing more for your brand and product in the end.

Top level professionals can make sure that you gain the most from Siemens PLM. Their Siemens PLM services will cover everything in a detailed, accurate, and helpful manner. You can make sure that every part of the process receives the care and dedication that it requires for complete excellence.

Our Siemens PLM freelancers can help you with this. They have years of experience with the software as well as helping businesses with their products. You can speak with them, look at their qualifications, compare, and hire the perfect freelancer for your project. We make the entire thing easy to manage, just as you need it when starting this journey.

For the life of your product and the betterment of your brand, have a good freelance Siemens PLM designer assisting you. Our freelancers are here to make sure that your products are the best they can be, no matter what it is you make.

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Longitude Engineering Pte LtdMay2008– Aug 2012   Employ as a structure engineer, specializing in offshore structure design. Use Autocad and FE software doing analysis, and familiar with mechanical equipments.   Offshore Installation Lifting Analysis & Design(4 point lifting)   Marine Transportation Barge Motion Analysis Barge Longitudinal and Local Strength Check Seafastening Analysis & Design Structural Integrity Check during Marine Transportation   Loadout Lifting & Rigging Analysis & Design Design of Load out Temporary Supports, Lift Points Structural Integrity Check during Loadout Barge Strength Assessment   Construction Design of temporary supports, skid beams etc  Equipment Installation Study & Procedure Lifting & Rigging Analysis & Design General Steel Design Foundation design and reinforcement for local structure using 3D software. Auto Cad Drafting : 2D and 3D Design Drawings Material Take Off   Other Engineering Review (Checker / Verification) Equipment Skid Design (Structural / Drafting) Module/Topside Structural Inplace Analysis & Design  (Structural) General Steel Structures Design FEM Analysis   Software have been used for all structural designs: AutoCad, STAAD Pro, Neifusion, FEMAP.   Keppel Fels Shipyard May 2007 –May 2008   as a lead engineer in offshore structure design for SIM-submersible B307.   Main work focus including scantling, machine foundation and Super structure foundation design check like platform, vertical ladder, girder, trip bracket and etc. Crane pedestal and boom rest design Familiar with site inspection and solve site problems in shipyard. Familiar with cutting plan and construction procedures.   Falconer BryanConsultant Pte Ltd May 2006 – Apr 2007   Employed as a offshore seafastening design engineer   Taking part in super-structure of residential building design with Continuous Beams and foundation design of super-structure. Seafastening design for jacket and major equipments. Steel design with STAAD Pro, Auto Cad.  
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