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Siemens PLC or programmable logic controller is not much different than other programmable controllers. It represents an industrial digital computer that has been adjusted for the management of manufacturing processes like assembly lines or even robotic devices or any other type of activity that relies on high accuracy control. It is also used for process fault diagnosis. Siemens PLC is based on the first PLCs which were used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Of course, over all these years of performance, the Siemens PLC is now more sophisticated and comes with even more useful features.

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Siemens PLC operates through modular devices that include dozens of I/O. Siemens provides the best controllers for different applications that match different automation needs and requirements. Siemens PLC is equipped with features that make them fully functional even in harsh conditions like extreme cold, heat, moisture and dust. They can provide extensive I/O arrangements too. The Siemens PLC range of products includes basic, advanced, software and distributed controllers. Each of these controllers provides fantastic scalability and integration of various functions. With their help, you can get the best automation solutions for any type of application. Those looking to get the most from PLC will have to find the best experts in this field.

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Seputra07 ID in Jakarta
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a mechanical engineer who love to design something new.
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Machine Design Pro
Machine Design Pro US in Naperville
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Design engineer with proven abilities to create innovative solutions. Diverse and progressive international experience in new product development and machine design. Designed, built and installed electro-mechanical products, machinery and systems for a wide variety of industries. Generated winning proposals and developed customer relationships. Innovative conceptual designer. Inventor of patented industrial machinery products. Solid track record leading profitable new product development. Registered Professional Engineer. Specialties: Machine designer with proven abilities to drive innovative new product development
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A.J. US in
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My work experience can be summarized in participating in detail design and design review of several Oil and Gas related EPC project which can be summarized as follows: - OMAN SRIP PROJECT as a SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER: o Responsible for whole project vendor designed packages and their review, developing logic and control narratives for coke drum sequence control system, leading I/O database work, design review for machine monitoring and protection, DCS and SIS system - SAUDI ELASTOMER PROJECT as a SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER: o Responsible for whole project vendor designed packages and their review, developing logic, cause and effect, control and safeguarding narratives of the whole EPC project, leading I/O database work, design review for machine monitoring and protection, DCS and SIS system as a SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER - SOUTH PARS PHASEs (Phase 12, Phase 17 and 18) as an INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER, SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER and shortly promoted to DEPUTY OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT: o Responsibilities: Principal detail design work for several related Demin water, waste water and polishing water units as a INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER, SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER and shortly promoted to DEPUTY OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT. My skills can be summarized as in developing required detail instrument and control documents for EPC projects (Control narratives, C&E, S.G. Narrative, Logic, Index, Cable routing, etc., package or detail design review, design leadership and highly qualified in working with Autocad, and M.S. Office, programming and etc. The key strengths and achievement that I possess for success which make me very competitive candidate for the above position are as follows: • Receiving Award of Excellence of Year 2014 as the best instrument engineer in a reputable EPC Company, due to EPC project cost saving of more than 5,000,000 USD. • Leading package design works for more than 39 packages for SAUDI Elastomer project and more than 20 packages for OMAN SRIP project. Those packages include Utility boilers and water, air and oil utilities, several gas and air reciprocating and centrifugal compressors and etc. • Leading the design work for the Vibration monitoring and condition monitoring system of above projects • Developing the control and safeguarding narrative and logic works of SEP project (SAUDI Elastomer Project) • Leading the instrument database works for above projects • Being involved in various turbine control scenarios and I believe myself as a turbine control specialist. • Promotion from principal to senior to lead instrument engineer and finally to vice of deputy of engineering management in a process package vendor company within short period of time due to the high technical and leading skills • Leading detail design works of packages in vendor companies with variety of abilities including detail design, PLC programming and etc. • Leading and also carrying out the detail design, procurement and some parts of the constructions steps of more than four EPC process and utility units in Oil and Gas Industries worldwide as a vendor package detail designer and reviewer. • My strong analytical and forward looker mind, punctuality, perseverance, excellence and development seeking characters have led to more accurate, efficient and cost saving designs • Cost effectiveness along with better efficiency is one of the aims is being sought and I believe that engineering is a trade-off between the cost and the efficient design With a BS degree in Instrument and Control Engineering, I have a very good knowledge of process control and instrumentation, high leadership potential and energy levels, very strong analytical mind and deep detail-oriented skills, multitask handling abilities, responsible, creative and strong technical experience, very motive, super active and highly efficient and all this is owing to my educational backgrounds and absolutely my past experience in research then in detail design, then design review of small to enormous EPC project as well as conducting detail design leadership as a senior instrument and control engineer. Attached, you can find my resume for your kind consideration. I can be reached anytime via email at or my cell phone, +1-830-309-0843
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Ramamurthy IN in Bangalore
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