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Rhinoceros, which is also known as Rhino or Rhino3D, is based on the non-uniform rational Basis spline (NURBS) mathematical model. It’s mainly used to represent curves and freeform surfaces in mathematically precise way, and it’s utilized not only in CAD but also in computer-aided manufacturing, 3D printing, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping. Rhinoceros is useful in a wide range of industries including product design, graphic design, industrial design, and architecture. 

One of the best things about Rhinoceros is its customizability. Its open SDK and modular application architecture allow users to make their own commands and menus and create a customized interface. Aside from its own file format (.3DM), Rhinoceros provides native support for over 20 other CAD and image file formats, including FBX, IGES, SketchUp, Direct X, Microstation DGN, and SolidWorks SLDPRT and SLDASM. It’s also compatible with various graphic design programs including Adobe Illustrator, which is the tool of choice of many experts when working on vector-based projects.

A lot of external plug-ins have been developed for Rhinoceros by commercial third-party developers, which makes the software even more flexible and useful. These include CrossCad/Plg (which helps with importing and exporting file formats) and Diva for Rhino (which helps with environmental analysis for structures). External plug-ins also help expand the number of CAD file formats that Rhinoceros can support, allowing it to be compatible with Parasolid, Creo Parametric, Siemens NX, and other formats.

3D printing is possible in Rhinoceros through the use of certain external plug-ins. This makes the software immensely useful for companies who don’t only want to come up with a design but also want to turn it into a prototype and see how it looks and functions in real life.

All of these show that Rhinoceros is an incredibly powerful piece of software that can be used in a wide range of projects. But here’s the thing: the effectiveness and potential of Rhinoceros highly depends on the skills of the person using it. So, if you’re planning to use this software in your project, make sure to find someone who’s well-versed in Rhinoceros services and knows how to maximize the tools and features that the software offers.

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Sergiu.Nasta RO in Cluj-Napoca
Member Since: 2013-04-01
1811 points
Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel IN in Ahmedabad
Member Since: 2012-07-31
1120 points
John Paulo
John Paulo PH in Canlubang
Member Since: 2016-03-05
Jewelry is my Passion and CAD is my League
613 points
Pablo Gosso
Pablo Gosso AR in Buenos Aires
Member Since: 2014-08-12
CG artist 2d and 3d visualization guru Industrial Designer with 12+ years of experience in I+D, Consumer products design, I have a degree in Industrial Designer from Buenos Aires University. I have a great knowledge in 3d software, 3d modeling, and digital image production, retouching and composition both for stills images and animations. I'm also capable of designing from scratch any product or idea concept you may have and produce multimedia material for your presentations, patent drawings or just for attracting possible investment to your project. I'm a hard worker, always trying to fulfill client expectations with good and compelling design. I'm always looking forward for the next challenge. My Experience I have worked as an outsourcing partner for: Knoll Herman Miller Steelcase Teknion Grassstitcher and many more... My area of expertise: Industrial design, 3d modeling and 2D documentations for manufacturing patent files. Architectural 3d modeling and rendering. Vector images composer. Technical diagrams. Infographies Software skills: Solidworks Rhinoceros 3dsmax Vray Adobe Suite Area Covered: Worldwide Employees: 1 Work Experience Summary: Outsourcing partner of industrial design products, 3d modeling, rendering and drafter for: Knoll (USA) Office furniture Herman Miller (USA) Office furniture Steelcase (USA/Canada) Office furniture Teknion (USA/Canada)Office furniture (USA) Gardening products (USA) Furniture retail Outsourcing partner for CE products: Packaging design: K1 packaging group(USA) Packaging design and manufacturers Architectural rendering, Real state plans, (Argentina) Industrial design & Architectural rendering (USA/Argentina) Architectural rendering advisors. (Argentina) Architectural rendering, developers Full time freelancer architectural rendering, modeler Education Summary: Industrial designer with university degree from Buenos Aires university. (1998-2004)
495 points
Vedran Starcevic
Vedran Starcevic HR in Varazdin
Member Since: 2012-09-17
3D scanning, editing & printing pro. Product and web designer in spare time. GEEK by nature. Sales and marketing manager by duty. Specialties - 3D modeling, 3D scanning & 3D printing - WEB, product and jewelry design
479 points
Jezdo TH in
Member Since: 2015-06-04
I have over 9 years of experience in 3D CADs (Siemens NX, Catia, SolidWorks) 15,000+ hrs of active working time. My expertise is mainly in 3D Modeling & prototyping R&D, Familiar dealing with insanely detailed 2D drawings and have a great understanding of injection molding. I spent most of my career working in Automotive and industrial design fields. Design & Develop Aluminum Die Casting industry. -3D modeller -Product design -Mold/Die design for various casting method
389 points
Member Since: 2016-02-09
Make 3D Model is my hobby Just for fun:))
386 points
benito US in Newport Beach
Member Since: 2016-01-19
20yrs+ 3D Design-Mechanical-Architectural-Structural-Marine/Boat-Aerospace
314 points
Mart NL in Eindhoven
Member Since: 2016-02-13
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budiawan ID in Bandung
Member Since: 2014-06-27
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