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Python is one of the few programming languages that can support object design and development, what with it supporting object-oriented programming or procedural styles. Objects in this context, however, don’t refer to shapes or anything a designer creates in CAD, but rather a programming paradigm that may contain data and attributes. 

Python also uses design patterns that, in computer science and architecture, documents a solution to a design problem in a formal way. A collection of design patterns is called a pattern language. 

Design patterns are classified into 3 main classifications - Creational, Structural and Behavioral. 

Creational patterns describe how an object can be created in the best way possible. 

Structural patterns describe how classes and objects are made to work together in order for larger results can be achieved. 

Behavioral patterns describe how objects interact with each other. 

Among the top ten most popular programming languages, Python ranked fifth. In 2007 and 2010, it was ranked Programming Language of the Year. So it’s not a surprise that it has influenced other programming languages, including Cobra, Boo, Groovy, ECMAScript, Swift, and CoffeeScript. It is also used by the likes of Google, Wikipedia, CERN, Yahoo! and NASA. 

Python is valuable to engineers, too. Particularly when it comes to numerical analysis. 

Mechanical engineers generally have to deal with 4 main classes of computation – Data Acquisition, Finite Element Analysis, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Numerical Analysis. This shows a clear connection between a CAD designer and a freelance Python designer, despite what seems to be two ends of a spectrum. 

In mechanical engineering, two of the popular options for numerical analysis are MATLAB and Python. Between the two, the latter is preferred because of the number of resources available, its reference implementation CPython is open source, its modules and functionalities are better than MATLAB’s, and it has compelling robotic tools, which would prove beneficial if you are tackling a robotics project. 

The programming language’s core philosophy includes several aphorisms, such as “Beautiful is better than ugly”, “Readability counts”, and “Explicit is better than implicit”. 

Are you looking for mechanical engineers with skills and knowledge in Python? 

Cad Crowd has a community of Python freelancers skilled in mechanical engineering. Some have experience in Aerospace Engineering, Advanced Electronics Engineering, and other highly specific engineering disciplines.

With knowledge in related software, such as AutoCAD, CATIA, MATLAB, LS Dyna, and OpenFOAM, and with skills in CAD Design, Electronics Packaging, 3D Printing Design, Heat Transfer, Product Engineering, Manufacturing Design and Solid Modeling, our Python freelancers are more than capable of providing Python services and other design services. 

To help narrow down your options, we have a list of all the software designers used and who use them. If you want to choose a freelance Python designer by yourself, simply check out Python and the designers listed on this page. 

We can also do the legwork on your behalf. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will match you with one of the best of the best Python freelancers who are pre-vetted and guaranteed highly qualified. Contact us today. 


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