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Virtue Elektronic
Member Since: 2014-09-20
Professional PCB Designer I have been associated with Hardware design (Circuit / Electronics design), PCB design, Library creation and Library database maintenance, PCB Manufacturing, Component procurement, PCB Assembling and Functional testing for over 9 years. I have used various CAD/EDA tools for PCB design. I will provide the PCB Manufacturing, Component procurement, PCB Assembling & Functional testing services too.
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Matias Vico
Member Since: 2016-09-06
Advanced Electronics Engineering studen from Argentina
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Member Since: 2014-10-20
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Member Since: 2013-04-04
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Member Since: 2015-08-14
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Hieu Nguyen
Member Since: 2015-12-18
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Josh Sackett
Member Since: 2015-12-31
I am a highly efficient Project Manager with experience in a wide range of mechanical functions, project management, mechanical and electrical design. Direct wide range of mechanical and engineering procedures including fabrication, testing, or documentation, tooling engineering and special projects. Exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills, with the ability to build positive and productive engineering and project management teams. Leverage outstanding organizational and analytical skills to evaluate and revise mechanical management processes and improve accuracy and efficiency. Proficient in Hardware: Automotive repair, PCB repair, computer workstations, soldering abilities (both cable assemblies and surface mount), technician experience, circuit analysis and troubleshooting, wiring installation, computer hardware, systems integration and testing, RF hardware, electro-pneumatics, consumer electronics, machining, power meters, signal generators, spectrum analyzer, and network analyzers. Exceptional Software Expertise: MS Office, LTSpice, Orcad, Solidworks, Auto Desk Inventor, FEKO, PTC, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD, Visual Basic, Adobe PhotoShop, Visio, MasterCAM.
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