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Maxwell Render is a multi-platform 3D engine (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows), developed by Next Limit Technologies. As a highly favored tool in the animation, VFX, architectural and product design industry, Maxwell Render delivers the perfect toolset for creating stunning visualizations, while it also offers various plug-ins for post production applications, and 3D/CAD integration. This professional product comes with high physical accuracy, with various lighting, material, and camera settings, realistic camera models, high compatibility with other designing products (Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema etc.), and tons of post production support features. Maxwell Render can be used to create breathtakingly realistic models for your next project, which can be key to your project success. As Maxwell Render delivers all the industry standards and even much more, it can be a useful tool in the right hands to create seamless and highly detailed visualizations of your end product.

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jmorrow US in Mansfield
Member Since: 2014-04-08
I started my cad drafting career in telecommunications drafting inside outside plant cable designs for Sprint, Siemens, and Time Warner. I started drafting early during my junior high school years earning awards at the trade fairs. Major clients for campus installs where Bowling Green University, Kent State, placed fiber optic installs in eastern southern and western Ohio. I then started working for architects in central and northern Ohio gaining experience in commercial, health care, and residential, construction. I then freelance mechanical, electrical and architectural drafting services to clients in central Ohio and the east coast of Texas. I also with a team designed automated assembly lines for the tire industry Firestone, BF Goodrich, Goodyear. The tire plants where located in the US Mexico and Canada. I also draft additions, house plans, and renovations for local builders I submitted the plans to codes and permits for approval when tasked to do so. During the 80’s I was an armor tank crewman in the United States Army. I grew up in the construction trades my father was a contractor I also did and still do on occasion contract construction in central Ohio.
242 points
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez GB in Bristol
Member Since: 2016-01-12
I’m a product/industrial designer and engineer with a BA in Industrial Design (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico) and an MSc in Integrated Product Design (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands). I have experience working in 4 different countries (Mexico, India, Netherlands & UK). I like to work in projects that are exciting, challenging and meaningful. I don’t want to stagnate working in the same thing over and over. I like to be dynamic, always changing, staying out of my comfort zone. I learn fast and well, I’m adventurous, entrepreneurial, and trust my guts, I like to do, build, repair, tweak, mod, carve, mill, cut, sand, and of course create. I like technology, electronics, and software. I love sports, especially football. I love arts, especially music & films. I play & build electric guitars, and I love everything that has to do with it (amps, effects, accessories, etc.). I’m sociable, relaxed and playful, but serious and committed. I like long lasting relations with people. I am lucky to have many acquaintances, many friends, many best friends, and even people I consider family (non-blood related). I try to constantly increase my social circle.
107 points
Mark Perry
Member Since: 2013-09-11
I am a Mechanical Design Engineer with over 15 years experience offering 2D and 3D solutions for all areas of Design and Drafting. Everything from Concept to Photo Realistic Renderings and Manufacturing Drawings. I am 6 Sigma qualified to a Black-Belt level and have experience in Lean Design including FMEA's, Quality Control Procedures and Lean Manufacturing. I have experience in many software packages which include: - Pro-Engineer - Solidworks - Autodesk Inventor - 3d Studio Max - Maxwell Render - AutoCAD - Photoshop I look forward to working with you.
51 points
Rufus Edmondson
Rufus Edmondson GB in London
Member Since: 2016-07-18
I am a young architect / designer about to qualify with a significant amount of experience within architectural design, product and jewelry design, specialising in 2d / 3d drawing, modelling and visualisation. I work within rhino, grasshopper and cad, and photoshop / v-ray in order to produce detailed 2d and 3d drawings / visualisations. Please take a look at my online portfolio : I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Rufus
51 points
P.Kovalchuk UA in Kiev
Member Since: 2016-06-26
My name is Pavel. I am a certified jewelery designer, working for about 2 years. To create a 3D model using Rhinoceros, Gemvision Matrix, Autodesk T-Splines for rendering Maxwell Render, Keyshot and V-Ray. After graduating from courses in 3D design jewelry, I have a good knowledge of modeling technology and production of jewelry. I know how the item should be made. After the made 3d model I check for errors in the program Materialise Magics RP then the model is ready for printing. Higher Education: Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) Department of Civil Engineering, and Bachelor of Engineering. Other Experiences Courses I finished two courses on modeling jewelry at the Moscow school of modern jewelry design: -Basic -Master Professional skills: knowledge Photoshop, Illustrator, Gemvision Matrix, InDesign, Rhinoceros, Materialise Magics RP. I am able to bring my ideas to life. Good knowledge of the composition, drawing and painting, graphics, sculpture. Knowledge of Photoshop at a high level. Create a sketch by hand and in Photoshop. Personal qualities: honesty, responsibility, diligence, commitment, communication skills, quick learning and creativity. I worked 3D jewelry designer : sport21veka ( private entrepreneur Daniil Dyachkov My portfolio:
32 points
Alireza Emtehani
Alireza Emtehani IR in Mashhad
Member Since: 2016-05-14
Graduated in architecture, interested in art . After graduation, he went followed his interest in design. A lot of work has designed in various fields. That's why a lot of skills in the fields of software has won. "Different place in professional life."
31 points
Oleg Aslanov
Oleg Aslanov RU in Sochi
Member Since: 2017-05-22
I am an expert in exterior architectural 3d renderings. In 1997, when I was still at school, I installed 3D Studio MAX R2 on my computer. I dreamed of making my home and my street and after 3 years of studying I did it! Let and not very cool :). Since then, my whole life is dedicated to 3d graphics. I am very interested in plants and experienced user Grow FX - a wonderful tool to create high-quality plant models. I will make your exterior scenes alive and interesting and fill with plants appropriate to your climate.
27 points
Member Since: 2015-06-13
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 19, 1975. Following my desire to create, I graduated in 2002 as an architect at the University of Buenos Aires. This natural impulse to create has led me work into multiple and diverse artistic activities. From an early age I have been involved with architecture, writing, 3d illustration and musical composition.
15 points
ST3P 3D Design
ST3P 3D Design GB in Glasgow
Member Since: 2014-04-28
We are a 3D Design and 3D print company based in Glasgow Scotland. We consist of 2 professional CAD designers, both with Masters degrees in Product Design Engineering. Check out for some examples of our work.
6 points
Anton Voloshin
Anton Voloshin RU in Moscow
Member Since: 2016-07-17
5 points