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KiCad is similar to other PCB design software tools, but it is a free software suite for EDA (electronic design automation). Designers use it to create schematics for electronic circuits and prepare them for conversion for PCB printing. KiCad uses a workflow where schematic components and footprints are treated as separate entities. 

As a free software, KiCad relies on volunteer and paid contributors for its improvement to keep it at the same level as commercial EDA tools. KiCad 4.0.0 is the first to adopt a point release version scheming and features advanced tools implemented by CERN developers. The involvement of CERN with the project has seen a real improvement in KiCad's development as a real competitor for the commercial programs. 

KiCad, Eeschema, Pcbnew, GerbView and Bitmap2Component comprise the KiCad suite, with each one having a specific function. KiCad is considered the project manager as it provides an environment where schematic capture, Gerber file generation/visualization, library editing, and PCB layout are all integrated. 

As a schematic capture editor, Eeschema features hierarchical schematic sheets, electrical rules check (ERC), and custom symbol creation, among others. PCBnew, on the other hand, is a PCB layout program with a 3D view. Its footprints are sometimes coupled with Eeschema’s schematic symbols, so both footprints and symbols can be reused. The design of capacitors and inductors, for example, can have a single footprint. 

A GerbView provides the Gerber viewer, allowing designers to view and work with Gerber files, while Bitmap2Component is used to create PCB silkscreens by converting images to footprints. 

Are you looking for KiCad freelancers? 

Cad Crowd has a community of freelance designers, including experts in the use and implementation of the KiCad software. Depending on the KiCad services hired, freelancers can create PCB artworks, a 3D view of a circuit board and its components, Gerber files, and a bill of materials. 

With knowledge and skills of the design software, our KiCad Freelancers will take advantage of component libraries essential for project completion and success. They know exactly which custom components can be added or installed based on a project. If needed, they will also create components specific to your project needs. 

Equipped with a Component Library Editor, it may seem easy to make or add new components in KiCAD. But doing so requires skills and knowledge in electronics and other aspects that will make an electrical connection or a network of connections work. 

Combined with their knowledge in the use of related software, such as Eagle Point, Eagle CAD. SolidWorks and OrCAD, our designers will be able to import components from other EDA applications. They are also skilled in PCB design, microcontrollers and prototype manufacturing.  

With everything you need under in one place, you don't need to go anywhere else. Cad Crowd has a list of software used by every designer, along with the names of designers who use them. 

If you prefer, we will do the legwork on your behalf. Send us your project description for a free quote, and we'll connect you with a top-ranking PCB design freelancer whose skills match your requirements. 

Norman Medi
Member Since: 2015-12-23
I am an Electronic designer and PCB designer skilled in Altium, Cadsoft Eagle, KiCAD. I am also providing prototyping and mass production of PCB designs Besides being an EE and PCB designer, during over 12 years of my job experience, I have also expanded my expertise to 3D modeling and CAD designing using Solidworks 2016, AutoCAD 2016 and 3Ds Max handling any request in making 3D drawings. If you are looking for a professional and quality electronic design, PCB design and CAD design for your enclosures and other appliances, then I am the person to work with. From your perspective, I realize that you are looking for a quality work with a reasonable price. Although I am not among those who offer low ball bids at the expense of quality, I will meet your demands based on your satisfaction and budget requirements. Having a great deal of experience in completing a wide range of projects in my fields of expertise has made me ready for hard jobs under tough deadlines while meeting clients’ expectation. If you need any assistance just contact me and let us have a chat on Skype at normanmedi to resolve your requests and proceed with a good mutual project.
48 points
David Brown
David Brown US in New Orleans
Member Since: 2017-06-07
A Naval Architect by training (registered CEng UK), with a wide range of experience from projects covering initial structural design, detailed analysis and through build implementation and regulatory facilitation. Having worked for the last 10+ years in practical engineering design, my primary focus is to work to the limitations of the project time scale, materials and workforce capability. Projects have ranged from support structures for 100tonne pieces of equipment three stories above the deck of a ship, scratch designed A-frame for launch and recovery of ROVs to design evaluation of wave energy devices. Personal projects have covered electrical and electronic, metal casting, engine re-builds, vehicle restoration, new vehicle design, PCB design, and many others. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dbrownengineering/ https://hackaday.io/projects/hacker/116541
28 points
Bob.P in
Member Since: 2016-03-10
Electrical/electronic design, PCB design, prototyping, CAD and 3D designs using Solidworks and AutoCAD are my skilled areas of work. As a PCB designer, I am skilled in working with Altium, CadSoft Eagle, and KiCad. For my designs and their simulations, I use proteus, Orcad, LTSpice. I am also experienced in providing renewable energy design including solar and wind power systems with special work experience for electrification of off-grid areas using hybrid solar/wind power systems. In addition, due to my technical job, I have extended my expertise to other engineering areas and currently accept such requests as 3D modeling, technical drafting, and high-quality 2D & 3D CAD designing/drafting in Solidworks and Autocad. I have over 15 years of design experience in Electrical and electromechanical systems. Good work experience in electronic PCB design, sheet metal, and metal constructions, 3D printing and injection molded part design. I am sure that my experience and my qualifications will help you to achieve good results in your work and projects. My main goal is making my clients fully satisfied by providing my best services. Bob Pershing
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Virtue Elektronic
Virtue Elektronic IN in Bangalore
Member Since: 2014-09-20
Professional PCB Designer I have been associated with Hardware design (Circuit / Electronics design), PCB design, Library creation and Library database maintenance, PCB Manufacturing, Component procurement, PCB Assembling and Functional testing for over 9 years. I have used various CAD/EDA tools for PCB design. I will provide the PCB Manufacturing, Component procurement, PCB Assembling & Functional testing services too.
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Matias Vico
Matias Vico AR in Villa Marнa
Member Since: 2016-09-06
Advanced Electronics Engineering studen from Argentina
5 points
Queven Louie Recorte
Member Since: 2016-11-26
I am an Electronic Engineer by profession, having 5 years of experience as CAD design Engineer in a respected company here in the Philippines. and a part time freelance PCB designer and Product developer. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player. For the past several years I have worked in Electronic designs, schematic design, PCB layout, and prototyping in DIY projects and consumer electronics industry. My experience includes successful working design from sketch to functional prototypes such as development boards, RF designs, breakout boards and lighting products. I have a track record of maintaining a consistent good results majority of my customers. If you seek professional help for your electronic projects, just contact me and we'll talk about it.
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BHarmuth_EIT US in Lebanon
Member Since: 2014-05-09
Recently un-employed Mechanical Engineer. I have worked in the engineering field for approximately 5 years. I started as a technician detailing steel buildings. After I completed my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, I worked in the product engineering field for 2 years. I then began teaching Mechanical Engineering Technology at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. I instructed for the Spring 2014 semester, in four courses relating to mechanical engineering. My courses included, Machine Design, Thermodynamics, Engineering materials technology, and Engineering Seminar.
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Member Since: 2015-08-18
Freelance electronic design specialist in Montreal.
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