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Member Since: 2013-11-19
I am a diplm. civil engineer I have work about in 4-5 years in interior and exterior design And 2-3 years static calculation and steel detailing My websites:
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Member Since: 2015-04-04
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Member Since: 2016-06-14
I have 7+ years experience in modeling 3d object for the game industry. I have profound skills in both high/low poly modeling and unwrapping/mapping models optimally for games. My past work experience and accomplishment include working on a couple of big title race game, combat flight simulator game, and modeling characters for several web games. Notable past projects: - Work as a contractor for the Need For Speed: Most Wanted Project for Electronic Arts (Canada) Inc. - Work as a contractor for the Need For Speed: Underground 2 Project for Electronic Arts (Canada) Inc.
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Guilherme Jarentchuk
Member Since: 2015-05-31
I am a young, recently graduated Mechanical Engineer, with the main goal, for the next years, of developing machines, devices or software to help on solving people's problems. Currently I am surveying different Master's Degree opportunities and working part-time in the project area of a small gyrocopter company. While those are my main occupations, I am looking for working on small freelancer projects too, as they give me chance of helping people in exchange of additional experience on different fields. My major interests are renewable energy, aircraft design (especially unusual types), cheaper and more effective urban transportation methods, video games, low cost local manufacturing and Lindy Hop (thanks Scotland for this last one). During the university years, I helped developing software for a working CNC milling machine prototype that uses STEP-NC as input data, focusing on toolpath generation algorithm. Also, during university, I took part on the Albatroz Aero Design team, design small scale RC cargo aircraft. As a side project, I developed a functional structural simulation software in 2012 that the team uses until today. Specialities: Creo/Pro Engineer CAD modelling, English-Portuguese translation, Lua programming, data survey and analysis.
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Member Since: 2013-11-17
2D & 3D DESIGN Physic Simulations Modelling for Stress, Static, Dinamic and Finits Elements Analysis. Design & optimization Renewable Energy Plants. Site plan projects. Mechanical assemblies.
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Philip W
Member Since: 2015-08-22
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John Dorfman
Member Since: 2014-10-14
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, I have been in the consumer products industry as a mechanical engineer for the last 17 years. I worked at Allen-Bradley and Motorola and presently am at Optimal Design, a design firm, for 12 years. I have worked on injection molded plastics, sheet metal, die cast parts etc ranging from routers to power tools to cell phones to tupperware. I have extensive experience with the 3D CAD software Creo (was Pro/Engineer) and Solidworks. Lastly, I am a licensed professional engineer in Illinois.
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Sabrina Neri
Member Since: 2015-02-09
Architect versatile with experience in the design and distribution of spaces in 2D, and 3D rendering projects.
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Member Since: 2015-07-12
A creative and hard working individual who enjoys new challenges, proficient in the use of design software for print and digital media, technical drafting with 2D and 3D CAD applications and creative 3D modelling, video production software and the integration of all said media. A quick learner when it comes to design and administration-based software, devoted in the pursuit of developing high quality technical drafts and design works. Experienced in branding for websites, business cards, posters for events, 2D and 3D plans and models for sole traders and independent businesses.
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Krsjanis Zarins
Member Since: 2013-08-15
I'm a freelance mechanical engineer from Latvia (Eastern Europe), I speak fluent technical English as I studied engineering in the United Kingdom. Basically I am a hardware hacker, I like to make things differently just because I can and doing projects that are different than others is my kind of thing. My software of choice is Autodesk Inventor, but I have used and can use several other software platforms. I have worked in the industry as a shade structure designer, this experiance gave me some skills in visual design using Adobe CS6. I have also worked as a vending machine constructor and a stair designer. I spend my free time building weird bikes, just like the cargo-ghetto-blaster-bike in my picture. Facts about me: -Vent to art school as a child -Started programming in Turbo Pascal at age of 12 -Restored a 1954 Moskvich 401 with my godfather at age 14 -Got third place in Latvia State Physics Olympiad at age of 16 -Can play the Guitar, Piano and the Trumpet -Ride bikes every day
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