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Hiren Patel
Member Since: 2012-07-31
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Vedran Starcevic
Member Since: 2012-09-17
3D scanning, editing & printing pro. Product and web designer in spare time. GEEK by nature. Sales and marketing manager by duty. Specialties - 3D modeling, 3D scanning & 3D printing - WEB, product and jewelry design
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Ivan Zerpa
Member Since: 2014-08-28
Mechanical engineer and industrial designer. I have experience in a CAD modelling, mechanical drawing, renders, using 3D scanning (Creaform) and reverse engineering using Geomagic software. I have knowledge in manufacturing processes (milling, turning, sheet metal, welding, etc)
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Bipin giri
Member Since: 2015-12-09
I am a Mechanical Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in CAD/CAM/CAE , 3DMODELLING and rendering, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, NX CAD,Machine Design, Expert in product at the same time I am expert in powerpoint presentation,report writing technical preferred,MS word. I am just new to this website having no reviews but within few days I will be one of the most preferred freelancer because of my skills,work culture, me the satisfaction of client is the highest priority hence I always focus on providing the quality work at lowest cost in the minimum time possible.I never accept and promise anything that I cannot do. Good Thing is that I offer support even after completion of my project, if you are in urgent need then remember me that I am always there for is no time limitations to my work and my work is ethical and genuine. Always at your service and forever. With utmost respect to all my clients!!
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C & L Design
Member Since: 2015-03-09
I am an Engineering Technician who has spent 30 odd years involved with getting things made. I have designed and drawn, ordered materials programed an operated plasma and laser cutting machines. As I have worked mostly in smaller companies you get to wear many hats and do whatever is needed to get a project completed. Started my design and drawing the old fashioned way on a drawing board then started CAD with the best 2D cad of its day Generic CADD which I still have a copy on an old machine I use to drive my antique pen plotters. The pen plotters are great for entertaining children though of limited use for real work. Autocad from version 10 on was what my main tool in the 1990's being only useful as a 2D tool as 3D was awkward and not as quick for most work. My world changed when I discovered Solid Edge in 1999, 3D modeling became practical, quick and faster than the 2D approach. Solid Edge and Solid Works are my definite preference over Inventor which I have never liked. My main CAD tool now is Geomagic Design which is as I see it, the best deal going, far cheaper than both Solid Works and Inventor and a better product than inventor. I would like to be able to afford Solid Works but working on my own the amount of work I would need to produce and sell does not add up. Geomagic Design delivers technically and economically and is the most practical CAD for me to use. As well as my CAD business my main job is programing and operating Laser Cutters and a Turret Punch for a small Sheetmetal Fabrication Company. I started my engineering career in 1973 as an apprentice Fitter and Welder, have my Advanced Trade Cert, but haven't worked as a Fitter Welder since 1980. A sizable part of my recent work has been designing and detailing steel stairs, sheet metal parts and producing drawings and designs for a range of centrifugal fans, dust collectors and filters.
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Semih Ozdemir
Member Since: 2014-07-18
WHO I AM? I was born in Istanbul/Beyoglu on 12.03.1988. My education life has been in Istanbul and is continuing. I started my undergraduate education in Marmara Uni. in 2005. The same year my work life started part time in ARC Design a firm that does product design. The past 9 years i have been working as a designer in different countries and firms. Some of these are Defne Engineering (Istanbul), Turklift (Ankara), Mega Teknik (Ankara), HS Engineering (Mongolia- Russia). Meanwhile I have been working on freelance design too. Till this day I have done the product design and the conceptual design of over 500 products that have been manufactured. Some of these are considerably valuable while the others are small products. In the last years i have been working as a freelance designer in the field of automotive accessory design.
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Engineering & Computer Solutions
Member Since: 2016-10-15
Professional engineering experience in various industries including aerospace, tool & die, injection molding, die casting and plastics industries. Hands on experience in small business operations, product design, reverse engineering and 3D inspection, marketing, invention development, 3D laser scanning, FEA analysis, and sales engineering.
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Pouya Hosseinzadeh
Member Since: 2016-02-12
Well the fact all should know about me is that I love designing and that too specifically with Inventor - Catia - Rhino - Geomagic - Powermill ...
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Chuong Nguyen
Member Since: 2014-11-17
I'm a chief engineer, and also a team leader of HPT company. We provide so many services: Products design, 3D scanning, Reverse Engineering, 3D printing, CAE... We are also working for some big foreign company for CAD outsourcing service, with high quality, support 24/7 and low cost We are confident to offer you the most optimal solutions in terms of technology and cost. We strive to be your strategic partner in improving your products
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Member Since: 2013-03-17
i'm graduated from manufature engineering, i'm specialist tool making/ design. today i've my own work shop to make mould and dies. i'm full skilled from 3d modeling to machinery process. contact me if tou need my help
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