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GRAITEC Advance is a software package developed by GRAITEC, which includes three complementary software applications:

- Advance Steel

- Advance Concrete

- Advance Design

Advance Steel is an AutoCAD extension, for steel structure handling and modeling and further automatic drawing creation for fabrics and much more. The second module, Advance Concrete, is an integration for AutoCAD for reinforced concrete structures, with modeling and detailing functions. Advance Design is a finite element method based computer-aided engineering software, which was specifically designed to help with the structural analysis/design of materials like reinforced concrete and steel structures.

Another software package from GRAITEC (Advanced Building Information Modeling) provides several tools to track and synchronize data changes between the Engineers and Detailers during processes. All Advance programs can communicate with each other to synchronize the different changes made to the digital models. A GRAITEC Advance expert can also help you to fine-tune these synchronizing processes, and improve your internal communication.

A GRAITEC Advance expert, therefore, can help you with various processes, when it comes to modeling or you need detailing for different fabrics, or in case you would need professional assistance with structural analysis or design for various materials. Experts of this tool can ensure that your end product is a high-quality one, or they can help you with various processes, from modeling to applying different analyzation processes.

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